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These zodiac signs have become addicted to EM fever

International sporting events always keep us excited. Secretly we’re all a little bit caught up in EM fever because it brings us back a bit of normalcy. But there are simply people who can get into the games particularly hard and who really succumb to the EM fever.


The bull likes to make himself comfortable on his sofa and watch the football games from the cinema at home. How so? He has to follow every single game and meticulously note all game outcomes so that he can make the right tip for the winner. Every time to the pub for the public viewing is expensive and the constant corona tests eat up the time budget pretty much. But the bull doesn’t care! The main thing is that he gets his EM expenses.


Aries is generally one of the zodiac signs that are most interested in sports. The Aries combines his sociable nature with his weakness for sports events and, above all, of course, football. Friends are encouraged to watch in every imaginable way . In the meantime, the ram has even reserved seats at public viewing because he sits in the same place every game.


The twin fell in love with the European Football Championship fever, but not because he is particularly sport-loving, but because he always has to be up-to-date. The twin is the racy reporter of any group of friends. He can name every outcome of the game and every European or World Cup winner up to 1954. The twin just can’t help but study any game comments and game summaries and use them to compile statistics on team developments.

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