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These Zodiac Signs Finally Lose Their Hearts In February

Love is in the air in February and not just because of Valentine’s Day. Planet Venus also promises lots of romantic encounters. You can read here which three zodiac signs are particularly affected.

February is a special time for matters of the heart. As the days get longer and the first signs of spring tentatively appear, hearts are also open to new possibilities.

This is particularly true for three zodiac signs (and long-term singles). Because the month will be incredibly romantic for them. After a long time, these zodiac signs are finally losing their hearts again. Read here what the stars have in store for Aries, Gemini, and Libra.

Aries: Take the initiative

Those born in Aries are real bundles of energy that most flirting partners find difficult to keep up with. But in February a special constellation ensures that singles finally want to relax and open their hearts. Venus, the planet of love, is favorable and promises romantic encounters – perhaps even with someone the Aries have had under their noses all along.

But it’s not just the position of Venus that favors Aries in love matters. Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, also gives additional dynamism and courage to take the first step. Friendship could finally turn into love this month.

Gemini: Desire to make new acquaintances

Gemini has a way with words – after all, Mercury, the planet of communication, is their ruling planet. This is in a harmonious position in February and inspires the zodiac sign. The spark can fly through stimulating conversations and interesting encounters. However, you should stop using dating apps now.

Use your social side, be present at events, and put your cell phone aside. Your charm works best face-to-face. Your openness and spirit are now irresistible – so get off the sofa and get into life.

Libra: Encounters full of magic

Libras can look forward to a February full of magical moments. Venus, its ruling planet, ensures that the zodiac sign flourishes. While the balanced air sign has been rather skeptical about love in the last few weeks, it is now finding new hope – and is immediately rewarded with a huge heartbeat.

Walking the dog or standing in line at the supermarket checkout: Libras should keep their eyes peeled because Cupid’s arrow will hit them at an unexpected moment in February. And once you get to know this person, the feelings grow incredibly quickly. Because the air sign now finds it particularly easy to build deep connections.

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