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These Zodiac Signs Don’t Like Receiving Voice Messages

Sometimes receiving voice messages is torture for many of us, also because it is as if we were in a certain sense hostages to the way certain people speak that we may not want to listen to. Well, it’s better to continue with a nice written message, or at most a phone call, as was done in the past.

But do you know what are those signs that just can’t stand receiving maybe long and unlistenable voice messages? Well, let’s find out about them in today’s piece. We are sure you will be very curious to get to know them closely. Here is the first.

These zodiac signs hate voicemails

Taurus: He doesn’t like voice messages and indeed often makes them go at double speed, an important function that some large messaging networks have set up. Well, if you know him, you better send him a text message, it would be much more appreciated. But let’s go ahead.

Leo: And what about the lion? He loves to talk live to people and always loves to speak his mind, one way or another. There are times when he writes long text messages, and it’s never a good sign, it’s like we have to put ourselves in early warning: things aren’t going well, according to him. But the thing that irritates him the most and that we should never do with him is sending voice messages. It’s something that makes him mad.

Aries: We cannot fail to mention the ram sign, he is always able to get upset every time he receives voice messages that are, for him, totally unwanted. We should avoid them with him, make a phone call, something that is an alternative to this means of communication that still can’t belong to him.

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