Zodiac Signs


VIRGO (08/24 – 09/23)

You mean it really well with everyone and everything from your heart. Be it your best friend or your beloved tidiness in the household. It is really amazing with what dedication you can devote yourself to something. Even if more time is lost than you had planned – it is better to do your tasks dutifully and adapt your schedule accordingly. Hats off, dear virgin. But now to you. The thing about getting recognized for yourself doesn’t seem like much of a place on your agenda. Why not? Let’s hypothesize that one or two accepted compliments would make you realize that not everything has to be so perfect in every detail. You could save time, which in turn could invest in other things that make you happy. You will have to find out for yourself whether this assumption is confirmed. So at this point a really well-intentioned compliment: As a Virgo zodiac sign, you do an admirable job with a strong sense of the big picture. You can be proud. 

AQUARIUS (01/21 – 02/19)

It is really not that easy to crack your core. The hard shell is shaped by your keen analytical mind and, above all, by your self-protection – which throws off every compliment. But you, as a hard-working zodiac sign Aquarius, deserve the praise. Therefore try to make use of your sociable manner towards your friends in less familiar situations. After all, you never know where happiness awaits you and whether this is perhaps just a well-intentioned compliment away. Because the more loosely you accept a nicely meant recognition, the more relaxed the mood becomes. This could come in very handy with a new acquaintance, or perhaps the luck in love . 


Probably the admirable thing about your zodiac sign is that you get involved in even the most lengthy of topics if it proves useful. Because as a visionary Scorpio, you always have the final goal in mind. There’s nothing wrong with that, and with your ambition you’ll also manage to pull your teammates along with you. Still, it can’t hurt to set small interim goals. They make the end goal more tangible and maybe even show you that you are doing very well. Because no matter how often you can be told, you don’t seem to really notice the compliments. See the recognition as motivation and, at the same time, as inspiration for new inputs that ultimately only make you stronger and more efficient. 

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