Some people are known to be particularly clumsy. As we have known since this article at the latest   , men find this characteristic particularly adorable in women. You can find out which zodiac signs are particularly often included in the notorious bathers here …

The Sagittarius

They are number 3 on our list. With their lovable but determined way, they win our hearts by storm, are loyal friends and honest companions. However, her adventurous and energetic nature often makes her careless. So a lot of misfortune happens to them, which they can laugh about heartily. We find it very personable!

The Aquarius

People with this zodiac sign are often under an inner tension and are quickly distracted. And instantly – a coffee stain is emblazoned on her blouse because she sipped the cup lost in thought and spilled something. Aquarians also like to misplace something and then search frantically for it, even though they actually have to go. For this, they are very focused in other respects and take great care of their loved ones’ needs.

The Aries

First place goes to those born in the zodiac sign Aries. They are spontaneous and passionate, always with full commitment. However, they sometimes overshoot the target and knock something over and become deadly. A plate quickly falls out of your hand or you clear away something with too much momentum and break it. With wide eyes and a guilty look, they admit their wrongdoing. Anyone who is so energized is glad to forgive his misfortunes. Or?


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