Zodiac Signs


There are people who just seem to always have smiles on their faces while life means well with them. They master strokes of fate and negative experiences with a lot of patience and are rarely melancholic. Still other people seem to take it particularly hard when they have to fight resistance. They are then caught up in their melancholy mood and usually do not manage to free themselves from it without help. They often belong to these three zodiac signs …

The Capricorn

… is born in the cold and dark season and often has a melancholy temper. Since they are naturally very ambitious and goal-oriented, ibex often want to go high and exhaust themselves on the way there. They are among the searching zodiac signs that are difficult to calm down, but always carry on. That is why they are often driven by the pursuit of more and the search for a new goal.


… can hardly overcome deep disappointments and mistakes. Such experiences often end in self-doubt and a melancholy mood. Depending on the type and environment, watermen prefer to displace rather than process and plunge into a new task. It is difficult to let go of this zodiac sign – especially in a relationship. It would be so important for aquarians to take time out to let go and reflect.


… are also susceptible to melancholy because they actually always yearn for changes and the improvement of their current state. It always goes higher, further and better – you just have to do something for it. However, twins are often held back by fear of making mistakes and making the wrong decision. Therefore, they often remain in situations from which they could actually free themselves for longer. 

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