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These Zodiac Signs Are Always Stressed Before The First Date

First dates are always exciting. After all, you get to know a potential new love and of course, you just want to show your best side. That’s why many people think about all sorts of things in advance. Where and when should the meeting take place? What do I wear? What will she be like? Do we have a future together? While most people feel pure anticipation and count the days on the calendar, for three zodiac signs it triggers one thing in particular: stress! They don’t feel relaxed until the date is in full swing and they see how it’s going. Until then, they are tense and put a lot of emotional pressure on themselves. Read here to find out who, according to the horoscope, is always stressed before the first date.



No other zodiac sign is as perfectionistic as Virgo. She always thinks about everything and everything in advance, has a precise plan that has to be adhered to, and can’t stand the unexpected. No wonder that a first date gives her a stomach ache beforehand. After all, the earth sign doesn’t yet know how to assess the other person and doesn’t know what to expect. It can easily happen that the first few minutes with the zodiac sign feel a bit tense. However, Virgos also can adapt quickly. Once she has analyzed her date after a short while, the stress falls away and things become much more relaxed.


Capricorn is extremely ambitious and loves success. An attitude that he also likes to project onto his dating behavior. If he agrees to a meeting, the earth sign only wants to show his best side and, of course, would like to ensure that everything goes perfectly. This can build up a lot of pressure in advance and often even rob the stressed zodiac sign of the actual desire to get to know each other. It wouldn’t do any harm for Capricorn to approach things in a more relaxed and less intellectual way. After all, it’s normal that there isn’t always a spark on every date and that there’s great love behind it.


Aquarius people like to avoid first dates because getting to know each other means a lot of stress for them in advance. On the one hand, you want to arrange a creative date that you won’t experience twice and that is guaranteed to be remembered. On the other hand, the freedom-loving zodiac sign also panics that everything could happen very quickly and that the other person wants a lot more after the first date, which restricts Aquarius in his everyday routine. Instead of thinking too much about the future in advance, he should take a deep breath and relax often. This makes every meeting a whole lot nicer.

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