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Before the month of August ends these three zodiac signs will be contacted by a very important person. Find out if you are there too

Often it happens to live love stories that leave their mark, even when a lot of time passes since that relationship ended. How would you react if a former partner called you just today? All sorts of answers could come to this question. There are those who would answer sincerely and those who would pretend a superficial carelessness.

The truth is that the girl or boy who made their mark on your heart will always have a special place in your life. Even if the relationship ended badly. And then time fixes everything. Before the end of August, there will be three zodiac signs that will be contacted by an ex. How will they react? The stars can help us understand which zodiac signs an ex will meet , the reaction is up to you.

The zodiac signs they will meet an ex in August

Scorpio : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Scorpio. While not one of the most enchanting signs of the zodiac , Scorpio still has the ability to leave good memories in their partner. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac often have relationships with people from the past. It could happen again this month.

Cancer : in second place is the sign of Cancer. This sign does not like to dream but manages to leave its mark even when a story has ended badly. It is possible that there may be a chance of meeting with an ex-boyfriend in the next few days. Could there be a flashback? This is unlikely but it could still be a pleasant encounter.

Gemini : the primacy belongs to the sign of Gemini. Those born under this zodiac sign will meet an important person, probably someone with whom they haven’t exchanged a word for years. At first, only a friendship could be reborn, then something could change over time, but it depends on both. Gemini is very balanced, they would hardly accept to throw themselves into a new story if they were not sure not to experience negative feelings again.

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