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Bad news is coming for these three zodiac signs. Their summer will not be positive at all, bad luck will haunt them

Summer has arrived and Italians are trying to enjoy a little cool by invading the peninsula’s beaches. There are those who have already finished their holidays and those, on the contrary, will leave soon. Everyone dreams of a summer full of emotions and unforgettable moments, unfortunately, it won’t be like that. Some signs of the zodiac are not having a lucky time and this curse will continue even during the summer weeks.

Anyone born under one of these three zodiac signs will have to wait until autumn to recover. Until then, the advice is to be very careful and avoid economic investments or new work experiences, they could be really negative. Today we will discover the ranking of the zodiac signs that will not have a fantastic summer . This is the podium, do you think there is also your sign? Let’s find out together

The zodiac signs that will have a bad summer

Scorpio : the lowest step of the podium is occupied by the sign of Scorpio. Those born under this sign of the zodiac can never keep quiet . This attitude can annoy others, especially in hot weather and everyone is looking for some relaxation. Never like now, the Scorpio could seem annoying to the people who are part of his life and could live a summer in solitude, away from everyone.

Leo : in second place in the standings there is the sign of Leo. One of the main characteristics of this sign is its predisposition to command . Unfortunately, it does not always happen that the desire to command is directly proportional to the expectations of others. Some work problems could make the summer of Leo very hot, not only from the point of view of the weather.

Cancer : the first place in this ranking goes to the sign of Cancer. Unfortunately, the summer will lose some references to Cancer and confusion will reign supreme. Unstable relationships could end, causing a strong sadness in the soul of this sign. Summer is a joyful season, to be lived intensely. Unfortunately, bad relations with the outside world will not make the Cancer summer unforgettable. Indeed, perhaps Cancer is looking forward to autumn.

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