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The stars reveal which zodiac signs could be betrayed in October. 

According to the astrologers, October will bring problems on a sentimental or personal level to some zodiac signs that could suffer a betrayal that will cause a definitive break in their relationship or in their work or friendship relationship .

The full moon in Aries from the 9th of October will bring a sea of ​​emotions to all the signs of the Zodiac who will feel the effect of the impulsiveness of Aries and will want to try their hand at completely new projects and experiences, especially on the professional level and on the sentimental level where, however, for some signs a catastrophe is coming.

These zodiac signs will suffer a betrayal in October

October has just begun, according to astrologers this month will be particularly favorable for some signs of the Zodiac while bringing several upsets to other signs. And yet astrologers predict sentimental and personal problems for three signs of the Zodiac that could experience betrayal.

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These signs may have to go through a painful time and lose faith in themselves, nothing like betrayal is something that is hard to forgive. The stars advise today’s chart signs to put their emotional needs first.

 Here are the signs they may be suffering for love in October:


The Gemini native has just left behind a slap-up summer, he had a lot of fun, he practiced many interesting activities and the smile has always accompanied him, so much so that this sign has attracted the envy of many people. During these first days of autumn and following the full moon in Aries, the Gemini who has suspected their partner for a long time will have an intuition and if this betrayal really happened, they will understand it.

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The native of Pisces is among the signs that in October they will be called to evaluate several very interesting proposals, on the horizon there are opportunities to be seized that will improve their lives on a financial level. The stars advise this sign not to trust anyone and never let their guard down, this sign could suffer a betrayal on a professional level, moreover this change of course in the life of Pisces may not be appreciated by the partner who seeing the beloved totally absorbed by the new work in progress in his life, he could seek attention elsewhere.

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The native of Capricorn is a sign that at the center of his life he always places work and his profession, but during this month of October he may feel the need to put in the first place his romantic relationship. This full moon in Aries makes them more impulsive than solid, and the stars advise Capricorn to remain calm even in the face of disparate suspicions about their partner, because this impulsiveness could lead to behaviors they may regret. If their suspicions of Capricorn were refuted, this sign will undoubtedly find himself experiencing great pain that will lead him to want to be alone and question everything. Never as in this moment will Capricorn feel that he does not have the usual rationality that always accompanies him on his side.

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