These signs seem naive, but after all they are very smart…


Be careful around them, these signs seem naive but it’s just one of their tricks. Get to know the signs that pretend to be naughty but that are very smart after all.

There are people who believe in everything and everyone. They let themselves be carried away by any conversation and end up being easily deceived. However, there are also people who seem very naive, but in reality they are not…

The Zodiac shows this. There are very innocent signs, but there are also signs that are very naive, when in fact they are not. These signs seem naive, but don’t be fooled, in reality they are very smart.

These signs seem naive, but after all they are very smart…


Gemini/Gemini natives are jovial and outgoing, which can give the illusion that this is an easy sign to fool. But don’t be fooled!… These natives are curious and cheerful, but also smart and not very vulnerable to other people’s opinions. They know how to read others like few others and their intelligence does not let them be deceived.


The natives of the sign of Taurus have a very cute facet, but also a very firm, stubborn and decisive side. The natives of this sign are very observant and careful and do not allow other people to take advantage of their kindness or deceive them easily. They are natives endowed with great intelligence and sagacity.


Libra/Libra natives are experts at escaping conflict and enchant people with their personality. They are sensitive and vulnerable. However, they also know very well what they want and how to get it from others. He is very attentive to the people around him and protects himself by always keeping some reservations and doubts about others.


The natives of the sign Capricorn are, by standards, very correct and fair. They may appear naive and think they are unaware of dishonesty. However, these natives act minutely, deciphering and drawing their own conclusions, even if they do not externalize them. These natives may not show it, but they know a lot more than they show.


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