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Everyone (absolutely everyone) has had a broken heart at least once in our life. The zodiac signs with always broken hearts, however, have certainly had it once more than us! Let’s find out who they are together.

Maybe you don’t need today’s horoscope ranking to know whether or not you are part of that part of the zodiac signs that always have difficult stories in love anyway. It happens to everyone to cry all night for another person or the end of a relationship, to go crazy, or not be able to imagine a future without love. Today’s horoscope ranking, however, wants to find out which are those zodiac signs that have always had “the worst” in love and who suffer practically the most. Do you think you are among them?

The always broken hearted zodiac signs: find out if you are in today’s horoscope ranking

How many times has it happened to you to cry out for love?
Having established that love should make you smile and never cry, we can all say that we have had some not-so-ecstatic experiences when it comes to feelings.
Okay, and it’s normal: after all, making mistakes and suffering, unfortunately, you also learn a lot!

Today, however, we have decided to find out what all those zodiac signs are that are always heartbroken.
The reason is simple: if you are in this horoscope ranking you will know that it is time to be careful with your heart!
If you are not there, you can breathe a sigh of relief but, at least, you will know that you will have to treat the people you love and find in the rankings in a better way. You don’t want to be responsible for a broken heart, do you?

You can find here the ranking of the zodiac signs that, instead, will always break your heart and almost for fun. None of them, however, will also be found in today’s ranking!
Always having a broken heart in love isn’t like being one of the most unfortunate zodiac signs in love – that’s just a matter of benign or malignant fate!
So, are you ready for the top five?

Taurus: fifth place

Let’s put Taurus in the last position of today’s ranking because they are people who would do anything not to admit that they are heartbroken. We know that even now the Taurus who read are saying: hey but it’s not possible, I’ve never had a broken heart in my life!

The Taurus, on the other hand, are people who suffer a lot in love but who pretend (out of ill-concealed pride) that they have no feelings at all.
In this way, therefore, they try to pass for cold people (which they are not at all) attracting further disappointments. Dear Taurus but wouldn’t it be better to say things as they are?

Cancer: fourth place

Only a fourth place for those born under the sign of Cancer, who are people who are quite subject to love and feelings.
What happens, then, how is it possible that Cancers are so low in the ranking of always heartbroken zodiac signs?

But it’s simple! Cancers are people who are capable of dealing with love disappointments because they are not afraid to get in touch with their feelings.
By doing so, sooner or later, you learn. Although their hearts are often broken because Cancers generally love too much, sooner or later those born under this sign learn to give their love only to people who are truly worth it. In this way, Cancers are certainly less wrong!

Aquarius: third place

Dear Aquarius, we are sorry that you must discover in this way that you are an extremely emotional zodiac sign and a victim of your feelings.
Unfortunately, however, that’s the way it is! You are people always at risk of being found with a broken heart: perhaps it is because you are too good!

It takes very little for the Aquarius to melt in love… in the right conditions and with the right people, of course!
This means, however, that their hearts can be broken very easily precisely because they are not used to dealing with so many feelings!

Leo: second place

If you think it’s a real surprise to find Leos in second place in the ranking of always heartbroken zodiac signs … you see that you don’t even know a Leo! Leos
are, in fact, very “suffering” people when it comes to love and relationships … they can’t do without them!

Let’s start from the basics: Leos are extremely self-centered people, convinced that they are always the center of attention. When they happen to have proof that this is not always the case, their heart already begins to crack and in a relationship, we know it well, you cannot expect to be the other’s only priority!
Furthermore, Leos have a big problem with emotionality: they are unable to deal with their feelings … let alone those of others!

Unfortunately, this is a real recipe for disaster: Leos very often have their hearts broken because they are the first to put themselves in a position to have it broken!

Pisces: First place in the ranking of always broken hearted zodiac signs

Dear Pisces, you knew very well that you would have a high position in today’s horoscope ranking, didn’t you?
Anyone who knows Pisces knows very well that, for them, love is something really important. They are rarely alone or without a relationship!

Pisces are people who are definitely in love with love and, for this very reason, they often end up suffering from it profusely.
Love is sometimes more important than the relationship itself or the person in front of them: Pisces throw themselves headlong into relationships and let everything get complicated beyond belief!

Dear Pisces, for you to love is the most beautiful, important, and wonderful there is. Often ending up with a broken heart is not a problem for you but, sometimes, it would be better to also evaluate how others are doing!

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