Zodiac signs with no purpose in life struggle more than others to find their way: be careful when you are with them!

There are people who really can’t do without it: from morning to night they are up, active, snappy, ready to do everything to make their dream come true!
Here, the zodiac signs found in today’s horoscope ranking could not be more different from this.
Because? Simple!
They don’t have one purpose in life!

The zodiac signs with no purpose in life: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Let’s face it: having a purpose in life is very important!

No, no, wait, don’t get us wrong : we don’t necessarily talk about having “trivial” or millionaire purposes, like earning more than everyone else and buying dozens of houses just for the sake of having them!
We really mean that all of us, every morning, when we get out of bed, should have a purpose. The reason is simple: it helps us live better and always move forward!

The zodiac signs with no purpose in life , unfortunately, struggle a lot to find their way and end up dragging others with them too.
Let’s check the ranking together: aren’t you among them too?

Libra: fifth place

If you ask Libras what their purpose in life is, in reality, they have a ready answer for sure: to survive , always and in any case.
Too bad it’s a very natural instinct and not the motivation to get out of bed every morning!

It is difficult for Libra to decide their own path: they often postpone the decision because there are other people they would like to follow or please or to whom they would like to teach a lesson with their steps in life. This leads Libra to only one result: a tragic immobility!

Taurus: fourth place

We are sure that everyone, especially Taurus , will be surprised to see this sign in the ranking of zodiac signs with no purpose in life.

Yet, dear Taurus , if you think about it you won’t be able to tell others what your purpose in life is. Why, here, actually:  what is it ? Taurus people are generally very precise, organized and also quite critical of others. The reason behind their precision, organization and the fact that they always criticize everyone is that Taurus , deep down, do not know what they want from life and often end up … making it up to others!

Leo: third place

We already imagine how Leos smoke their ears with anger at seeing themselves in the ranking of zodiac signs with no purpose in life .
If you think about it for a moment, however, you Leos will understand that the reason we have included you is concrete.

Of course, the purpose of Leos in life is to show  others (no matter who they are) that Leos have won. To what, no one knows. Leos
rely heavily on the judgment of others and often transform it into the only measure of success they have at their disposal. Dear Leos , envying others is not a way to find your way in life!

Gemini: second place

Dear Gemini , it will certainly not be a surprise for you to find yourself in this horoscope ranking, will it?

While you can often make others believe that you Gemini have a plan, a purpose and a direction, we know very well that the reality is very different.
Geminis tend to run from side to side, following their passions of the moment (which, when we talk about Gemini , really last a moment) and the person they love. (Still for the moment: Gemini love can be very uncertain indeed). For Gemini , therefore, choosing a direction in life always be preparatory to the other people they meet. They never want to make decisions on their own because, then, they would have to face the consequences !

Sagittarius: First place in the ranking of zodiac signs with no purpose in life

Ask a Sagittarius what his plans are, let’s not say in five years now but also in an hour.
The answer? It will always be the same: “ I don’t know and I don’t want to know !”.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius particularly like to “live for the day”. We mean that for Sagittarius , making plans, building paths, having a clear road ahead is really too tiring. He does not care!
Sagittarians do n’t want to live life as a function of something or someone, absolutely not. For Sagittarius it is important to enjoy it, always and in any case. That’s why they are at the top of our ranking of zodiac signs with no purpose in life !


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