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The stars reveal to us which are the most self-destructive signs of the zodiac. These signs sabotage themselves.

Our astrological belonging gives us strengths and weaknesses. Our character and our personality evolve over time and our life experiences and our childhood greatly influence the adult we will become, but basically the zodiac sign determines some of our attitudes such as the tendency to be self-destructive.

If you are part of this ranking you have the propensity to sabotage yourself. You’d better fight this attitude that ruins your life because it causes you to lack self-esteem and constantly assault you with negative thoughts making you a magnet for adversity.

Are you part of this ranking?

Here are the 3 most self-defeating zodiac signs

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These signs often complain that they are unlucky in reality they really are. They tend to think the worst and lack confidence in their abilities and end up attracting negativity.

Having destructive behavior does not prevent you from living a fulfilling and happy life.

If you continue to expect the worst and do not trust even yourself, you will not get out of this vicious circle. Dark thoughts make your existence gray. Try to bring positivity into your life by stopping negative thoughts and turning them into positive thoughts and when you have a problem instead of focusing on it, shift your energy and attention to solutions. You will soon see a big change in your life.

Here is the ranking of the most destructive signs:


This sign is very sensitive and creative but also an innate defect: hesitation. Being hesitant prevents him from seizing the opportunities that life offers him and his excessive emotionality plays tricks on him because in front of every little obstacle he becomes demotivated. This sign always thinks of failure, imminent danger, risk and sees no opportunity. Pisces is likely to feel emotional gaps. You should fill those gaps by believing more in your infinite potential.

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This sign is rigorous, precise, well organized and very demanding, above all it demands a lot of itself. He is the first to criticize and blame himself if something goes wrong and he does it without leniency. Virgo natives are victims of their perfectionism. This sign analyzes the pros and cons of everything so if something goes wrong they tend to feel great frustration. Virgo should believe more in her abilities and her own resources. A hitch does not change the result, mistakes are used to teach us and improve and seeing the positive side even in what goes wrong teaches us to be more positive.

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The third sign in the ranking among the most harmful signs is Cancer. This sign often falls victim to their emotions, like Pisces. Too emotional and sensitive, he easily breaks down when faced with an obstacle. Cancer should adopt a defense mechanism to transform their weaknesses into strengths and reap the benefits of adversity. Crying yourself is useless and does not change things but focusing on the mistakes made helps not to reproduce them. This sign is also very intuitive. He does not trust his intuition due to the little faith he has in his resources. His intuition guides him towards the realization of winning projects, it would be better to keep this detail always in mind.

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