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The stars reveal to us which are the 3 zodiac signs that we would do well to stay away from during periods when they are visibly out of phase.

We all go through stages in life, which can be good and not so good. Each zodiac sign has a different personality and therefore reacts in a unique way to these phases. The stars reveal to us what are the signs that in case of difficulties they become pessimistic and infect everyone with their negative energy.

Going through a bad time is something that happens to everyone, it’s the way we react to these situations that changes everything. How do you behave in case of difficulty? Do you complain all the time and get dark or do you look for solutions and stay positive? Find out if you are part of the 3 signs that react by releasing negative energy.

Here are the 3 most negative signs of the zodiac, pay attention to their mood

Speaking of negative signs, who comes to your mind? We all know a person who has the power to infect us with his negativity. This is the kind of person who reacts in the worst way to difficulty. According to the stars, 3 signs have this innate tendency.

These signs tend to be negative, thus exaggerating things and seeing only the dark side of situations. They hardly take life seriously.

Here are the 3 most negative zodiac signs according to astrology:


The Libra native seems calm and serene but is harboring negativity inside. He tends to see catastrophes everywhere and this pessimistic attitude does not allow him to appreciate and enjoy the good things in life. A small inconvenience is enough to make the anxiety inside them grow. This is why they are not very open to new challenges and novelties in general. The changes are destabilizing for this sign.

The best way not to make him dark is to fill him with attention. If neglected, he tends to become victimized and resentful. You will often hear from Libra that he does a lot for others but no one does anything for him. When it is in its negative phase it is better to stay away from it or you will end up being sucked into the grip of negativity.


Cancer is usually a very good and loving person but she is also particularly emotional and sensitive. This great empathy gives him a sponge for both positive and negative emotions. It is not unlikely to see Cancer fall into self-victimization if they have had to contend with someone.

Since his mood is easily altered, Cancerian friends often hear him complain about something and be overly alarmed. Even if you try to make them understand the true gravity of their problems, Cancer will continue to exasperate them and this pessimistic attitude makes even those who tried to support it feel negative.


The sign of Pisces is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac. This great sensitivity often makes him feel the need to isolate himself and be on his own. In solitude, he recharges and acquires spiritual energy but if this isolation tends to last too long it will have the opposite effect and become unhealthy.

The sign Pisces tends to give themselves too many faults, even those who do not have, besides they worry excessively about everything. An attitude that triggers a vicious circle if it is not interrupted in time. If you try to make u Pisces smile again in its prolonged dark phase, you will only darken yourself too. They are beings as exceptional as they are complicated.

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