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The zodiac signs that are never honest with themselves (and therefore, consequently, also with others) are really difficult to deal with. Aren’t you curious who they are?

Let’s face it: being honest with yourself is by no means a straightforward affair, don’t you think?
In today’s horoscope ranking , therefore, we have decided to line up all those zodiac signs that not only find honesty towards others difficult … they also find it complicated towards themselves!
Let’s get a better understanding of what we’re talking about, hoping your sign isn’t among the top five in the rankings today!

The zodiac signs are never honest with themselves and with others: find out if you are in the ranking

Everyone has, sooner or later, lied to themselves .
It has probably happened to you to tell yourself: “ But yes, tomorrow I wake up early and I train before going to work ” or to establish that “ Monday I start going to the gym ” (without ever specifying in which year).

In short, you know well that there are lies that we all tell to ourselves before that to others. Nothing wrong with that: whoever is without sin, after all, cast the first stone!
What we want to talk about today, however, is decidedly different . The ranking of the zodiac signs that are never honest with themselves , in fact, is important to know for numerous reasons. The first of which is that if they’re not honest with themselves, these signs will never be honest with you either!

Ready to find out who is in the rankings and why?

Sagittarius: fifth place

Yes, dear Sagittarius , make an appearance (even if only in fifth place) in our horoscope ranking today . Sagittarians
, in fact, are people who lie particularly both to themselves and to others, always falling from the clouds when they come into contact with reality.

Sagittarius is a sign that prefers to ignore many things in order to avoid having to deal with them. This then leads him to be absolutely dishonest with himself, creating truly unpleasant situations which, at times, drag on for years and can ruin many relationships!

Pisces: fourth place

Dear Pisces , although we are aware that you are often only decidedly disconnected from reality and immersed in your world, you have to admit one thing.
You can be very dishonest, both with others and with yourself!

Even the very fact of always ” hiding ” behind your  genuine air is a prime example of why you find yourself in the ranking of zodiac signs that are never honest with themselves.
We know that you are not always as naïve as you want us to believe: it’s time to stop acting!

Gemini: third place

Sometimes we could say that Gemini is almost irrational from how little they avoid telling each other the truth. Hey, dear Gemini , don’t blame us but someone will have to tell you… er, how it is!

Gemini are people who have, by default, an almost double personality: for this reason, they often don’t know what they want and always end up complicating everything!
Too bad, however, that among the biggest flaws that Gemini has we can also include that concerning honesty. Geminis know well that being crystal clear and transparent could mean having to face responsibilities that sometimes they just don’t want to take on!

Leo: second place

For Leos , being dishonest with themselves is truly a  must . Although they are people who care a lot about the loyalty (of others, though), Leos are people who always tend to lie to themselves and , consequently, to others as well.

Since Leos always try to avoid confrontations that are too “hot” with others, closing their eyes to reality is practically the norm for them.
In fact, Leos are interested in concreteness: they want you to always be there for them and they are convinced that they will always be there for you no matter what happens.

Basically, then, it is often true that Leos do not hold back in time of need but what happens between the various moments in everyone’s life is important! Pretending not to see him or closing his eyes is just a Leo way to avoid being honest with themselves! There was a specific reason why Leos are also in the zodiac sign rankings who never listen to advice !

Libra: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs never honest with themselves

Libra simply needs one thing to greatly improve their interpersonal relationships: a little honesty!
Dear Libra , you too know very well that you are true teachers when it comes to not being honest with yourself.

You are the first to hide behind a little finger and take sloppy excuses for good whether they come from you or from others.
Having a scale of objectives and values ​​that allows you to always choose the path of lies in the name of a “greater” good.

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