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When they fall in love they become real stalkers. We tell you what the signs of today’s ranking combine.

A stalker is a person who takes an obsessive attitude towards another person. He is omnipresent, he controls her, so much so that the other feels persecuted. This term refers to obsessive behavior that sometimes results in harassment that generates anxieties and fears in the recipient. We would like to clarify that in this case, we will use the term stalker to indicate possessive but harmless behavior.

A “stalker” is a person who tends to spy on, or steal information about another person and to do so uses real life or the web. This practice is very common among the zodiac signs of today’s ranking. When an interest in someone is born their first instinct is to “spy” on your social profiles. Some signs are more prone to obsessive behavior and to be stalking and persistent. Our date of birth is linked to our personality and gives us innate strengths and weaknesses. The stars reveal to us who are the signs that in love become particularly possessive towards the partner.

Here are the zodiac signs capable of stalking your loved one

The signs of today’s ranking need a lot of security in love which makes them become a little too petulant towards the loved one. Here is who the stalkers are in the best sense of the word, of the whole zodiac:

The Scorpio

A little taciturn and mysterious, Scorpio is a sign that can understand a lot who is in front of him. Precisely because he wants to make sure that he understands who is in front of him, he tends to analyze a lot the person who draws his interest to him also because he needs to be sure he can trust. For this reason, Scorpio is the most stalker zodiac sign of the zodiac, it is the first in the ranking today.

The cancer

Cancer is a sensitive sign, often its hypersensitivity has caused it love sickness, so it has learned to protect itself over time. When Cancer meets a person that interests them, they tend to inspect their social profile in an attempt to steal as much information as possible about him. Cancer cannot be said to be an expert in the art of “stalking”, however he tries to undertake this arduous task by analyzing all the publications of his loved one, all the photos and all the interests he has.

The Virgo

Virgo is very meticulous, precise. Before his first date this sign will know everything about the partner, will inspect every existing social profile, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest, will leave nothing to chance and will certainly not miss a thing. She will use all the information collected to impress.


Aries is a very impulsive sign. He will be very interested in the person he has decided to date and will do so openly. He won’t even try to hide his “stalking”. Aries doesn’t embarrass himself to show all his interest in her, he is even able to go to the parents’ house of his surprise new flame to introduce himself.

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