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These Signs Are Most Likely To Be Single In November & December

Being single can be a blessing and a curse. Depending on what makes you stronger, this information is either discouraging or welcome: These three zodiac signs are most likely to be single in November & December.

Depending on a number of factors (which definitely include your astro placements), being single is either a suboptimal state for you or a welcome experience.

People like Cancer and Taurus love committed relationships because they love being in love and having a committed partner.

Other zodiac signs like Scorpio and Aquarius much prefer to be alone to work on their goals or simply enjoy bachelorette life.

When it comes to November & December, there are three zodiac signs in particular that will lead a solo life.

That’s because Venus and Mercury (which represent passion and communication, respectively) will move in awkward ways in three particular charts, making the relationship landscape less fertile.

If you’re currently in a relationship and want to stay there, there’s no need to freak out. Just because I’m making these assumptions based on the information I’m getting about the planets doesn’t mean you’ll immediately break up when November & December hits.

You have autonomy! However, if you are in a relationship and don’t want to be in it, then use the astro weather to your advantage and have a peaceful breakup.

These three zodiac signs are most likely to be single in November & December, so prepare to celebrate or regret accordingly.


You are the zodiac sign most likely to be and stay single in November & December. The astrological weather this year is not particularly conducive to the blossoming of romantic relationships, especially at the beginning of the year.

If you want to fall in love, the forecast is bleak – but if you’re hoping to stay solo, November & December is a good year for it!

You’re the sign of Gemini and you’re lucky in that it takes a lot to make you feel truly lonely. And thanks to your eloquence, it’s hard for you not to make friends and build new relationships.

This year, focus on nurturing those platonic relationships and building a support system that you feel truly understands you.


Just like your versatile air sign friend, November & December is NOT your year for relationships, Leo. The stars spell SINGLE in the night sky.

With multiple retrogrades making awkward angles to your natal Sun, love will be a difficult endeavor in November & December.

If you’re the type of Leo who likes independence, I’m happy for you! But if you tend to be codependent, this may be the year you can break free of that pattern.

Focus on your career or on a spiritual practice that requires self-reflection.


It’s not up to you, Aries, it’s up to the stars… November & December is a tough year for you in general. The alignment of the planets with your sun sign will cause you some headaches, and your love life will be in chaos.

While it’s likely you’ll have a rewarding year, don’t expect to find the perfect person for you just yet.

November & Decembermay start off like an astrological shitstorm, but with a little patience (which isn’t usually your strong suit), your love prospects will improve toward the end of the year.

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