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Astrologers are ready to share the ranking of the zodiac signs that never miss an opportunity to discuss. Are you among them?

Perhaps in your circle of friends and acquaintances there is someone who never misses an opportunity to argue with others. Dating one of them means wearing a frozen shirt. These signs always find excuses to make their anger explode.

They create problems even when they could actually be avoided. I’m always looking for the good quibble to trigger yet another conflict. They are explosive and angry signs and they struggle to contain their emotions. In their presence, disputes and positions are on the agenda.

The 4 signs of the zodiac that trigger quarrels and discussions

Some people are unable to confront other people without arguing. They are not afraid of confrontation and do not mince words. They say what they think and they do it the wrong way. These 4 zodiac signs are volcanoes that are always ready to erupt.

If you are someone who meddles in other people’s arguments or never misses an opportunity to start an argument and in no case can refrain from saying things they might regret, then you are probably one of the zodiac signs who love to spark discussions:


The Gemini native is very sunny and good-natured. He loves to laugh and have fun but is also very mischievous and provocative. He usually throws the stone and then hides his hand. He throws some provocation there and waits for someone to bite him I love him. Conflict stimulates them intellectually, plus they are curious and gossipy. Gemini raises their voices when they feel threatened or humiliated. Conflict is necessary to defend his honor.


The sign of Virgo stands out for its organizational side and for being a great detailer. He can’t stand disorder and confusion, he is manic, he must always have everything under control. This sign is also very anxious and demanding and when her expectations are disappointed she loses control and her anger becomes disproportionate. Virgo becomes evil and merciless when it ignites a conflict.


Scorpios are introverted, mysterious, passionate and dynamic people. They love movement, change, adventures and surprises. They are also very good at persuading and negotiating, they would be great sellers. Too bad they are too demanding and have little self-control. Although they are very sensitive when they get angry they do not measure deeds and words and show their worst side.


Pisces are very intuitive and love to dream. They have a parallel life, one on earth and one in their fantasy. They fantasize so much that they confuse reality and dream. They are also extremely loyal and very devoted to their family but woe to those who try to put their feet on their heads, they do not accept any form of coercion. If they feel threatened, they pull out their claws and use all possible weapons to defend themselves.

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