Are you one of the zodiac signs who never take anything seriously? We hope not: let’s check together today’s horoscope ranking!

Some people don’t care what is going on or what the situation is in front of them.
The reason?
These are people who take absolutely nothing seriously and who are practically impossible to date!

What will this have to see with your zodiac sign? What questions, practically everything: let’s find out together what are the signs to which nothing can be said!

The zodiac signs that take nothing seriously: find out if you are also in today’s horoscope ranking

Tell us the truth: could you be one of those zodiac signs that doesn’t take anything or anyone seriously? Do you sometimes laugh in the face of serious situations or minimize when you hurt the feelings of others?

We know very well that there is hardly anyone who would self-report if the answer to the questions above were yes and for this reason, we decided to offer you a rather particular horoscope ranking.
Ready to find out if you are one of those zodiac signs that never takes anything seriously?

Cancer: fifth place

A surprise in fifth place in today’s ranking: there is Cancer! But how, is it possible that Cancer is a sign that never takes anything seriously?
The answer, unfortunately for all those who know Cancers, is yes: or rather, let’s try to say “  “.

Cancers are extremely serious people when it comes to matters that are important to them. If, however, you are not in the top five of your favorite people and Cancers can put you down, ignore you or make you feel so small, you can be sure that Cancers will. Then they’ll shrug when you point it out: it’s okay to be good and kind to everyone but you can’t ask them to be your mom if they don’t even know you!

Sagittarius: fourth place

Even if those born under the sign of Sagittarius are extremely independent people, used to being alone and without the desire to lay the foundations for a serious relationship, this does not mean that they are antisocial, quite the contrary!

Always surrounded by friends and ready to party, it is almost impossible for those born under Sagittarius to take something seriously.
But how to start thinking about “bad” things when the world outside is full of fun?

Gemini: third place

Dear Gemini, we are sure that you would have expected a higher position in today’s horoscope ranking, right? You know very well that you are people who tend not to bet everything on a single “horse”, just for fear that something might happen and you are left with a fistful of flies in your hand .

Gemini is a zodiac sign that takes almost nothing seriously for this reason; they know that if they commit to something, then they will have to face the consequences including the possibility of losing or being hurt.
Dear Gemini: it would be enough for you to simply admit that you care to live better!

Libra: second place

You cannot truly seek help from Libra when they are willing to take nothing seriously.
And now, thanks to our ranking of zodiac signs that take nothing seriously, we can tell you: Libra takes almost nothing seriously!

Libra is a sign that it has too much desire to laugh, joke, and always be happy.
Of course, you can make serious speeches to us but only if and when they decide: not when you need it!

Impossible to try to make Libra understand that you are extremely serious about something – they prefer to laughshrug and move on!

Pisces: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that do not take anything seriously

Dear Pisces, we are sorry to have to give you this crown but you also know what kind of attitude you have towards life.
You are kind and nice people but, unfortunately, you can’t take anything seriously!

Does the boyfriend want to leave you? Pisces shrug. Is a friend crying in despair? Pisces laugh at the big deal, thinking about the next cocktail to order.
There is nothing to do with you, dear Pisces: you don’t take anything seriously!

Let’s face it: Pisces is not bad and not even a little empathetic (indeed, quite the opposite). They simply firmly believe that there is no room in life to be sad or too serious!


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