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Find out which are the truest and most genuine people in the zodiac and which are not at all.

In a world made of so much appearance and the desire to show things that are often not true, the need for authenticity is stronger and stronger and pushes people to look around with a critical eye, hoping to know someone who appears for what they are. This kind of people, who seem more and more extinct, are immediately recognized for the genuineness that transpires from the gestures and the way of speaking and for the innate ability they have to put those around them at ease. They are usually positive people, with good self-criticism, self-irony, and a desire for simplicity, the one they ultimately choose to show to others. It is a way of being rich in nuances and which can depend on many factors such as past experiences, the education received, the character, and, needless to say, the influence of the stars. Today, therefore, the signs of the zodiac that are going to live a crazy period and which are those that are about to embrace a positive working period, we will find out which are the truest zodiac signs. Since it is a way of being closely linked to emotions, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have a clearer and more precise result.

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Horoscope: here are the truest zodiac signs and those that are less or not at all

Aries – Not quite true
Those born under the sign of Aries love to live simply and for this reason, they always say what they think, often regardless of being able to hurt those around them. Nevertheless, they cannot be defined as real people in all respects because their way of acting is not always linear. If they can lie for their benefit, they do not hesitate to do so. Furthermore, to always look their best, they are willing to lie and show themselves differently from how they are. Although true for the direct ways they have, we cannot rely on what they show because at times it can be far from what they are.

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Taurus – True enough
The natives of Taurus are people who do not like to pretend for what they are not. When dealing with others they want to be appreciated for their true nature and for this reason they can count on a certain authenticity. Of course, sometimes they can still try to show themselves a little differently, giving a readapted and improved image. However, it is something they rarely do and only at the beginning of some acquaintance relationships. In the long run, they prefer to show what they are so as not to have to be afraid of fearing the judgment of others or of disappointing the people they care about. In this regard, thanks to this way of doing they can easily put others at ease who in their company can be more easily themselves. Be careful, however, because this way of being is true with people they consider close.

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Gemini – True
For better or for worse, those born under the sign of Gemini are real people. Whether they are happy or desperate, the natives of the sign do not usually have filters and show themselves as they are without problems. For them, what matters is to show themselves for what they are, always being true to themselves, and this even at the cost of not liking them. Being themselves makes them feel free and that’s the only thing that matters to them. Moreover, thanks to the genuineness that they always put on the field, they always manage to capture attention and arouse positive emotions in the people around them and who always know how to put at ease, even when they have the mood under their shoes and tend to give crazy.

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Cancer – Untrue
Cancer natives cannot be true because they lie to themselves first and foremost. Their need to appear and please everyone makes them slaves to an image that does not always correspond to what they are in reality and this, in addition to making them suffer, leads them to attitudes that are often different from what they feel in their hearts. Those around them tend to perceive some out of tune and this is one of the reasons why they are unable to live peaceful and relaxed relationships. If they are afraid of losing someone they pout instead of telling them and if they think they deserve something they try to make the other person understand by pretending to be more modest than they are. A way of acting that is often contrary and that in the long-run risks ruining even relationships.

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Leo – Half true
Those born under the sign of Leo are difficult people to understand in this particular aspect because they alternate true attitudes with others that are not at all. Their problem is that if on the one hand, they feel the need to express themselves freely and to always be themselves, on the other they hate the thought of not being appreciated or accepted by others and to ensure that things always go according to their wishes, they prefer to pose as what they are not, creating an aura of falsehood that covers a more genuine one. All this can only create a certain underlying confusion that they try to hide in every way but always with little success. Who knows if by learning to accept some rejection they will not rediscover themselves so free that they want to try.

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Virgo – Not very true
Virgo natives have a very true part and another that they prefer to keep to themselves. While they tend to say what they think about others without any problem, also expressing personal judgments and preferences, on the other they do not like others to know every aspect of their life. All this creates a certain underlying confusion that leads those around them to treat them with pliers and often feel uncomfortable in their presence, mostly because they are unable to understand how to treat them. Nonetheless, sure of themselves at least in this respect, they do not seem willing to change their way of being and this is because in life they need to feel free and without patterns to follow.

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Libra – Moderately true
Those born under the sign of Libra are simple people who, while loving the idea of ​​pleasing everyone, want to do it with the truth. For this reason, they are among the zodiac signs that can be considered authentic and that in being so they do not have any problems while trying to give the best of themselves and everything always with the utmost authenticity. This quality of theirs leads them to desire the same from others too, which is why they risk appearing a bit rigid with those they consider artifacts or insincere. And, being real people, it is difficult for them to keep certain reflections for themselves, showing positive and negative thoughts without worrying too much about what they can transmit.

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Scorpio – Truer than you think
Although they make discretion almost a motive in life, the natives of Scorpio are very real people. Strong enough to support the judgment of others and respectful towards themselves to the point of wanting to be accepted for what they are, the natives of the sign do not like half terms and always go straight on their way showing both in word and in deed what in they believe. Always sincere, they make privacy a right, and if they don’t want to say something they admit it without problems, avoiding telling lies or creating fictitious relationships. This sincerity of theirs combined with the straightforwardness with which they face life can put anyone at ease, thus making them people beyond pleasant to be around. Of course, if you are willing to accept even their sincere words.

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Sagittarius – Not true even with oneself
The truth is that those born under the sign of Sagittarius tend to tell each other more often and to see themselves as the ones who are always right, they are also willing to lie to themselves and, of course, to others. This means that although they have all the credentials to be real people, they are not able to be completed so, mixing things up and always leaving a semblance of doubt in those around them. For the same reasons they never manage to make others feel at ease and this greatly affects relationships that can even deteriorate over time, leaving them without reference points and more often than not surprised by the progress of things. A more sincere attitude, first of all with oneself and loved ones.

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Capricorn – Almost not at all true
Capricorn natives don’t seem made to be real people and this is a real shame because they have a way of doing things that push others to want to trust them even when it is clear that this is not possible. Unfortunately, there is constantly focused on what surrounds them leads them to indulge in events, pushing them not to be completely sincere neither with themselves nor with others. This leads to an appearance that is always artificial and regulated more by what can come in handy than by what they hear. A modality that is perceived by those around him, thus creating distances with others that time can make it difficult to recover. A problem that unfortunately they never really manage to grasp and which therefore risks isolating them a little from others without their noticing.

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Aquarius – True but in their way
Those born under the sign of Aquarius have no great reason to try to appear for what they are not and this largely depends on the fact that they do not care much about what others may think of their way of being. Despite their certainly eccentric character and often difficulty to understand, they appear as confident people and more than willing to show themselves as they are. In their case, however, this aspect is not always perceived positively but as a sort of selfishness that pushes them not to want to get in tune with others or not to want to meet them. Even in their being true, therefore, they apply a modality of their own, not always understood or accepted. As mentioned, however, it is not an aspect they care about because their being true is simply a personal choice and, above all.

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Pisces – Very true
It can be said that the natives of Pisces are the most authentic people there are. They can often appear strange, with their heads a little in the clouds and with dreams bigger than themselves. All this, however, is part of their charm and characterizes them in a completely natural way, showing their strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the genuineness of intentions. Being in their company is always regenerating because you feel completely at ease and free to be yourself knowing that you are not being judged for it. Thanks to their empathy, love for life and the respect they have for themselves and others, the natives of the sign tend to accept everyone for who they are, expecting nothing but sincerity.

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