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Are you part of the ranking of the least emotional zodiac signs of the whole horoscope? Let’s find out now: here’s who is in the top five!

Do emotions leave you completely indifferent?
When you see others cry or despair you only have one question in mind: ” Why ?”.
Today we have decided to get in touch with other like-minded people … if you are interested, of course!
In today’s ranking of the zodiac signs, we will take care of finding all those who have no desire to connect with others: who knows that new friendships will not be created!

The least emotional zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: here is today’s ranking

Okay, maybe it’s not you who is one of the least emotional zodiac signs in the whole horoscope, we grant it to you.
Of course, if your sign is in the top five of today‘s ranking, though, you won’t have any excuses!

Some people just don’t realize they don’t have feelings. They behave like completely normal human beings and then, when you have to show some kind of emotion … well, they look like video game characters.
Today we decided, therefore, to discover together which are the least emotional zodiac signs in the world.

There is nothing worse than asking someone to tell you about their feelings and discovering that … they have no idea what you are talking about!
So, did we get you to take a look at today’s ranking? We hope your partner isn’t here!

Gemini: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Gemini are famous people for going from one extreme to another without too many problems.
In the case of the ranking of the least emotional zodiac signs of the whole horoscope, therefore, you will well happen that Gemini deserves a place!

One day they can be extremely passionate and the next they can be completely apathetic and emotionless.
Do you understand something? Not us: and not even the Gemini understand us that much, we assure you!

Leo: fourth place

We put Leos in today’s chart for one reason and one reason only. Dear Leos, you try so hard not to have feelings… that you end up not having them for real!
Leos believe that it is  weak  to show their emotions.

Crying in front of someone or showing that you have been upset about something or, let’s not joke, telling someone that they hold a special place in their heart? Leos
go to great lengths to avoid such situations, even though they have a lot of feelings in their hearts. Over the years, by dint of pretending, they create around themselves a reinforced concrete wall that hardly anyone can knock down!

Capricorn: third place

Dear Capricorn, we know that you will fall from the clouds or from the pear tree (somewhere, however, you will fall safely). Thing? Are you in the ranking of the least emotional zodiac signs of the whole horoscope?

Let’s talk about you dear Capricorns and if you don’t believe us ask everyone around you! Being with you or even just around you is often an oozing of emotions. Capricorns are people who not only never show their feelings (or who leap directly, not having any of their own) but who are amazed even when others are upset or would like to hear even a word of comfort!
Dear Capricorn, sometimes you are just impossible!

Virgo: second place

Precise, organized, pragmatic, planners. That those born under the sign of Virgo are people who show no emotion shouldn’t come as a surprise, right?

For  Virgo, showing emotions is not only useless and also counterproductive… it is above all a matter of good taste!
Virgo firmly believes that being seen upset or too happy or crying is something that hurts her reputation.
And we all know Virgo would put her reputation before anything else!

For Virgo, being in today’s ranking of the least emotional zodiac signs of all is certainly not a cause for shame … on the contrary!
Cold and staid, they always know how to behave and, we must admit, they also always know how to make a good impression! (But is it worth ” not having feelings “?).

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the least emotional zodiac signs of the horoscope

We finally come to discover the altars of our ranking today.
Yes, dear Sagittarius, you are the least emotional zodiac sign in the whole horoscope! Such as? Does the news leave you completely indifferent? We didn’t doubt it.

Sagittarians are much colder people than we might expect which, perhaps, contributes to worsening the situation.
Yes, because Sagittarians are often smiling, cheerful, and carefree as well as friendly and sociable. For all these reasons, knowing them well is extremely interesting and attractive!

As soon as it happens, however, that you scratch the surface a little, the “flaw” comes out. Sagittarians are extremely independent people, who don’t need anything or anyone. For them, “wasting time” with emotions is a crime! Fortunately, Sagittarius is in the ranking of the most condescending zodiac signs of the whole horoscope: we would only miss this!

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