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These 6 Zodiac Couples Prove Opposites Attract Each Other 2022

Do opposites really attract? Some say that even when they do, couples who have next to nothing in common never last long.

Sooner or later, the differences between the two spouses appear to the surface and destroy their relationship, despite the strength of the love they may share.

Well, here are 6 zodiac couples that prove that this is far from the truth, that two opposing people can overcome their differences and build a healthy relationship.

1. Sagittarians with Pisces

The main difference between these two zodiac signs is their communication skills.

While Pisces are always saying what they think and are open to their feelings, Sagittarius is much more secretive and therefore, more difficult to get to know.

However, deep down, these two signs want the same thing. When they fall in love, over time, Sagittarius lowers their guard over Pisces and finally lets them in entirely.

Somehow, Pisces manages to tear down Sagittarius’ walls and gently convinces him to let his guard down, which in most cases turns out to be the best thing he could have done.

2. Aries with Scorpios

Another couple of zodiac signs that prove opposites really attract is that of Aries and Scorpio.

They are different because of the way they perceive a romantic relationship. Aries is one of the more self-reliant signs, while Scorpio is known for their excessive jealousy.

Aries needs their personal space and as soon as someone tries to invade them or take away their independence, they feel threatened and caged which can push them away and make them flee for their life.

However, Scorpios still like to have their ways and over time, they manage to persuade Aries to give up their freedom on their own, without having to feel obligated to do so.

3. Gemini with Virgins

Virgo, the perfectionist who loves order, and Gemini, the masters of chaos. Theoretically, at first glance, a couple straight out of hell, right?

Well, luckily for this couple, in practice things work quite differently. It’s in Virgo’s nature to mend and save people, and let’s face it, who needs mending more than a Gemini?

While Virgo takes care and care of Gemini, he thanks her in return by making his life more interesting.

On the other hand, Gemini brings the much needed zest for life to Virgo and somehow manages to get them out of their rut and comfort zone.

This way, both signs get exactly what they need, without them even realizing it.

And just like that, the missing pieces of the puzzle start to find their place and it all starts to make sense.

4. Lions with Cancers

The Leo could never have a romantic partner who enjoys the limelight as much as he does, as such a couple would lead to a real battle between the two egos that would end with casualties.

This is exactly why his ideal partner is his opposite: the shy, introverted Cancer who loves Leo enough to be able to tolerate and endure him.

However, these two signs also have something in common. They are both ready to do whatever it takes for their partner. It is this devotion that keeps them together and makes their love story last for the long haul.

5. Aquarians with Capricorns

The Aquarius is quite spontaneous and always ready to try new things, while the Capricorn is the complete opposite – old-fashioned, traditional and always listening to the rules.

However, these different qualities are exactly what gives their relationship the necessary balance and what makes them an imperfectly perfect couple.

While Aquarius inspires Capricorn to venture out of their comfort zone, at the same time, Capricorn manages to give Aquarius a dose of seriousness and helps them keep their feet firmly on the ground.

6. Libra with Taurus

Taureans always know what they want and never hesitate to get it. These are people who never give up, no matter what obstacle stands in front of them.

On the other side we have Libras who are peaceful and indecisive, who are always looking for the perfect balance and who, to be honest, spend most of their life not knowing what they want. .

Two signs that can’t be more opposed, right? The catch is that despite this, Taurus and Libra get along pretty well.

Truth be told, these two signs can be great friends and they share incredible romance which makes them get along much better than you might think.

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