These 5 zodiac signs will always remain young in the heart.


We are not our bodies. We are the vitality and zest for life that is in this body. This is exactly where you can recognize the zodiac signs that have remained young forever.

I know that I don’t always behave according to my age, in fact many people don’t. I often speak to older people and none of them really feel as old as your body. Some of them even consider themselves young at heart.

There are either people who stay young at heart or who are born with an old soul. You probably know some of them. The teenager who behaves like an adult or this young woman who dresses as if she were an older lady. This old pleasant 90-year-old who enchants everyone with his childlike manner or this pretty old lady who fills the room with her smile with a peaceful atmosphere.



When you meet a shooter, be prepared for the youthful energy he radiates. In the vicinity, you feel like adventure and you are literally pulled along by him to take part in any silliness. He can laugh at himself and does everything that makes his heart jump. His humor is incomparable and if you see laughter and happy faces, a shooter is not far. 


Of course, the lion is a being with a strong and young heart. He loves to be loved, loves to love, and loves to know that he can make everyone around him happy.

It takes a good dose of energy and zest for life to be as human as the lion. But nobody does it better than him. His youthful and naive approach to certain things makes him incredibly personable.


 Always ready for activities of any kind. Always worth a call, so it is with a ram. He is the eternal optimist and no matter what obstacle lies ahead, you will overcome it with your youthful exuberance and believe that everything is possible if you only want to.

The ram will stay young for a lifetime. His laugh, his energy and his charisma are his eternal companions and trademarks. 


Cancer is once a child and remains deep inside forever. He is known for being playful and eager to learn. It is important for cancer to have fun with something because it draws its energy from it. Events, board games, concerts and exhibitions, the cancer is always there.

They sit out nothing, they participate in everything with enthusiasm and an optimistic outlook on life and therefore they always feel young. 


Fish never really want to grow up and the older they get and see what adults do to themselves and how mean they can be, the more the fish dreams of their childhood. And so they remain children until you die. Fish are children deep down, no matter how old they are.

The fish cry, scream and have tantrums, they need love and physical closeness and every now and then a toy. And although they get along just as well as we all do in the “real” world, the fish enjoy your inner child and stay young forever at heart.


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