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These 4 Zodiacs Have No Idea They’re About To Fall Madly In Love


Capricorn doesn’t think they have the time or energy for a relationship right now, but when someone magnetic comes into their life, everything comes to a grinding halt. All of their commitments and stresses are put on pause until they can figure out how to restructure their routine to pursue this monumental connection. When Capricorn thinks about the rest of their life, where they’re headed, and what they want to achieve, nothing feels like it would be enough if they did it without also trying to give this relationship a shot. The possibility of discovering and fostering a relationship that could turn into a life partnership is so novel and surprising, but equally motivating. The emotional connection brings a new nuance and meaning to everything they have going on in their life already and fills a hole they didn’t realize was there.


Pisces thinks love is an impossibility for them because there is zero chemistry between them and anyone in their immediate radius, but their new partner is someone who will come to them from out of town. A colleague from another office, a close friend’s cousin, or a neighbor who just moved in next door. Those immediate butterflies and initial flirtations will show Pisces just what they’ve been missing in the rest of their interactions, and before they know it, things will be headed in such a serious direction that it will be new territory for them. Even if Pisces feels unprepared for it all, they are emotionally ready to embark on this journey with a person they trust. Love can represent a learning curve, but Pisces is a quick study.


Aquarius has felt isolated on the island of their maturity, waiting for someone with the stamina to meet them where they are in life. After a series of disappointments, they’ve started to give up on the search, but that’s about to change very quickly. Aquarius will come face to face with someone who will turn the tables and challenge them for a change. Someone who inspires them to grow and learn and change in new ways, like a Pilates stretch that hits that perfect sore spot. It’s difficult but pleasurable at the same time. So too is love for Aquarius. It will take them a minute to adjust to a healthier relationship dynamic, one where they don’t have to be a parent, coach, or therapist, but that level playing field will bring them so much joy.


Taurus has written off their soulmate for some arbitrary reason. Maybe they hit things off on the wrong foot. Maybe they just fall on opposite sides of contentious issues like is Taylor Swift too much, or is it acceptable to wear paisley? Slowly but surely, Taurus will find the lines they’ve drawn in the sand between them and this person slowly being swept away by a tide of emotion. They can’t help being attracted to the very person they’ve convinced themselves they should be repulsed by. Sometimes we have an idea of what our ‘type’ is, but in practical application, we’re better suited to the exact opposite of that assumption. Learning to listen to their true feelings instead of their superficial judgments will be the key to their future happiness.

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