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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Heavily Influenced By The New Moon In January

Once a month the moon disappears from our field of vision. This happens because it is no longer illuminated by the sun, which makes the night very dark. The phenomenon is called a new moon and is the opposite of the full moon. Only 35 hours later does the moon appear again in the sky as a very narrow crescent.

What influence does the new moon have?

If you believe in astrology, the new moon has a very special effect on us humans and is said to be a good time for spiritual actions. This includes meditations, but also other rituals. Since this phase of the lunar cycle represents a new beginning, the new moon offers the best conditions for tackling things and setting goals.

New moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn

In December the new moon is in the zodiac sign Capricorn. This zodiac sign is an earth sign known for discipline and drive. Therefore, selected zodiac signs in particular get a boost in energy just in time for the new moon in January. Perfect for anyone who wants to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. But which zodiac signs does the new moon have the greatest impact on?


The new moon in January has a strong effect on those born in Capricorn, increasing their discipline and drive. Since the new moon is in the zodiac sign Capricorn, it intensifies the already existing characteristics of this sign. Capricorn natives may feel increased determination and perseverance to pursue their goals. They may feel motivated to work hard and act strategically to achieve their ambitions.


The new moon in Capricorn could inspire Aquarius-born people to combine their creative ideas with a more down-to-earth attitude. They could focus on how to turn their original ideas into reality while pursuing long-term goals with more perseverance.


January’s new moon also has a special impact on Gemini natives, particularly in terms of their usual lack of determination. The celestial event will likely help those born in Gemini experience increased determination and determination. They may suddenly feel empowered to make decisions and become clearer about their goals and ambitions. The result: A phase of stability and focus.


The new moon in January has an interesting effect on Libra natives. It helps them overcome their indecision and focus more on their own needs. Conversely, for Libras, this New Moon represents a period of self-reflection where they define their own goals and find a way to pursue their ambitions with more determination.

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