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According to the May astrological forecast, 4 zodiac signs are about to fall in love. Their hearts will be beating fast this month.

May is the month of vegetative awakening and of the sun that gets hotter, even for some signs an awakening could occur, but of love. In this month these 4 zodiac signs will find love and we also reveal the days when the probability of the encounter of true love is very high.

The singles of the 4 signs of today’s ranking should keep their eyes open if they wish to fulfill a dream of love and find their other half. May will bring them the chance to fulfill this dream and find happiness as a couple.

Taurus, Aries, Gemini and Leo will find love in May

May heralds great sentimental news for four zodiac signs that will struggle to distinguish real life from dreams. When love hits them they will feel themselves floating in the air. Taurus, Gemini, Aries and Leo are about to be touched by Cupid’s arrow.


Taurus is a very romantic and sensitive sign. In love he is devoted and respectful and he is also a person who works hard so that his love relationships are beautiful and lasting. Taurus is also among the most faithful signs of the zodiac. For natives who are still single with Mars in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus, May 12 and 24 are in favor of promising love encounters. After May 26 , the entry of Venus into Taurus gives Taurus a unique sensuality that makes it much more fascinating than usual. May is also favorable for making new friends that will give you lots of beautiful emotions.


We know the ram for its short temper and its impulsiveness. It is a generally positive and cheerful sign, in love he loses his head very quickly and very quickly falls out of love. In May Mercury in Gemini will ally with Venus in Aries, this alliance will bring a great change to Aries. He will be able to put his impulsiveness aside and be more tender and passionate. The ram will have love and sensuality on his side for the whole month which will favor new encounters every day.


Gemini natives are talkative, friendly, and great communicators. Smart and intelligent in love, they are fun partners with whom he certainly never gets bored. They know how to make those who want to conquer laugh and they know that irony in love pays off. Gemelli is a volcano of ideas and initiatives. With him, time flies and it is memorable. The Gemini is an excellent companion for travel and adventures. This month of May will be especially filled with joy for Gemini. Venus in Aries and Mercury in Gemini will make him appear extremely seductive and make him say goodbye to his typical duality. This month, Gemini will be spontaneous and romantic.


Leo is a very bright sign, They love to show off and receive compliments. When he falls in love he brings out great lover skills. Leo knows how to conquer a woman, he wisely uses gifts, surprises and loving words. In May, Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Aries are in favor of new encounters that will take place between 12 and 20 May. With Venus in Aries, Leo will be particularly attractive and will receive many invitations. His life will be warmer than usual.

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