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Haven’t met the love of your life yet? If you are among these 3 zodiac signs you are about to meet true love by the end of the year.

The end of the year is approaching and the stars continue to reveal new destinies. Today they reveal to us what are the astrological signs that will crown their dream of love in the coming months. These 3 zodiac signs will feel your heart beating very fast soon.

The last months of autumn will be very overwhelming for 3 zodiac signs that will be hit by Cupid’s arrow. If you haven’t found half of your apple yet, you may be on the verge of doing so. Before the end of the year, if you are one of these zodiac signs, you will have a very special meeting.

Here are the zodiac signs that will meet love before the end of this 2021


Aries is a fire sign. It stands out for its great determination. In these last months of the year, it will be more seductive than ever and will attract someone special. You will immediately feel that that meeting is different from the previous ones of the last few months but you will not want to immediately throw yourself headlong for fear of suffering.

To your surprise, this person will find a way to drop you at their feet and steal your heart. This person will initially make you believe that they just want to be friends with you and show you how close you are.

His zodiac sign is probably Pisces or a Scorpio. A water sign that will not put out the fire of Aries, on the contrary.

On the other hand, if Aries wishes not to ruin everything, he will have to learn to manage his emotions and in particular his outbursts of anger.

Although this encounter will be very promising and will make you lose your mind, this relationship will encounter some obstacles mainly due to the jealousy of Aries. You will need time to solidify your feelings which will eventually prevail.


This Air sign will have met a special person by the end of the year and will immediately make his intention clear and not to formalize things. Despite this, the sentimental situation will take another turn.

Libra will find themselves spending a lot of time with this person and they will create a strong intellectual and physical alchemy between them that will culminate in a great love story.

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This person will be able to make Libra understand that sharing life with another person can be a very beautiful experience. The partner who will be able to make them completely lose their minds will be of the sign of Aquarius or Gemini.

After a few months from the relationship in which you will never be able to stay away from each other, a period of boredom will ensue, and this will generate some conflict.

You will have to compromise, take back part of your life and you will be able to balance the relationship.


Capricorn will meet love before the end of the year, but beware, this relationship will be troubled and will be tinged with love-hate.

The Capricorn, precise, organized, and meticulous will find the relaxed and unregulated behavior of the other irritating and tensions will be created that will disappear on a single condition: the Capricorn will have to accept to let his guard down.

Once this pitfall is overcome, the relationship will become a peaceful relationship where understanding and love will reign. Most likely this soulmate will belong to a Fire sign. It could be from the sign of Leon.

To preserve this great love and make it last over time, both will need to show understanding and take care of the other.

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