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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Lovesick In December 2023

No matter which of the twelve signs of the zodiac you belong to, Lovesickness can affect us all and is never nice. A bitter experience that unfortunately happened in December 2023 especially three of the twelve zodiac signs had to do it again. You will not be spared from this painful feeling towards the end of the year. Misunderstandings, heartbreaks, arguments – Cupid doesn’t make things easy for them. If, according to the horoscope, love will be a little bumpy in the next few weeks, read here.



December brings with it a rollercoaster of emotions for Aries. They are very passionate and impulsive in love, but sometimes they can be too impatient. In the long run, this can simply be too much for the people you love and cause heartbreak in the next few weeks. Aries needs to learn to control their emotions a little more sometimes. Living out your passions is by no means a negative thing, but it can sometimes cause misunderstandings and anger if the fire sign oversteps the mark again. Aries may want to slow down in December to avoid major heartbreak.


Gemini will be particularly sensitive when it comes to their hearts in the next few weeks. The air sign is known for its versatility and wit, but when it comes to love and relationships, it can sometimes be insecure and make the wrong decisions, pushing love away. Geminis tend to rationalize their feelings and get lost in their heads. But in December they should learn to trust their gut feeling and accept their emotions. Heartbreak is never pretty – friends and families can help overcome the pain. So that a happier new start is possible in 2024.


The Scorpio will be confronted with intense feelings in December 2023, unfortunately not in a positive sense. A new love could make you back down and long-term relationships could suddenly fall apart at the end of the year. If the water sign is injured, the pain can be particularly intense for Scorpios. They tend to hide their emotions and withdraw into themselves. But in December they should find the courage to face their feelings and open up to others. Even if it is a difficult phase, talking to trusted people within the family or circle of friends can help you process the heartbreak.

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