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These 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Worst Autumn 2023 – According To The Horoscope

Autumn brings many joys: fresh pumpkins and apples, colorful leaves, and golden rays of sunshine. But rain, mud, and cold wind are somehow also part of it. And just as the weather can be very changeable in autumn, so are the stars. Because even if the autumn horoscope gifts some zodiac signs with lots of love and sunshine, others, unfortunately, experience autumn less happily. Challenges, problems, fears: Read here which three zodiac signs need to prepare themselves, especially for a bad, strenuous autumn from an astrological perspective.



Many unforeseen difficulties await Aries this fallBetween bankruptcies, bad luck, and mishaps, many plans vanish into thin air and nothing seems to go smoothly, no matter how easy it seemed beforehand. Those born in Aries have to come to terms with the chaos and stress and not let it get them down. The zodiac sign should postpone major decisions for now and concentrate on the moment. Now it’s time to close your eyes and get through it! Luckily, the world will look completely different for Aries in winter.


The year flies by for the zodiac sign Gemini. It feels like they don’t have time to breathe, which is now noticeable in autumn, as the twins’ energy is gradually decreasing. The reserves are finally used up in autumn and the zodiac sign burns out. With energy and mood at their lowest point, November will be particularly stressful for the air sign – which can lead to conflicts in a variety of areas. That’s why the Gemini should take autumn as quietly as possible and take time for themselves whenever possible. Otherwise, interpersonal relationships in particular could suffer from the zodiac sign’s bad mood.


Things aren’t going too badly for Aquarius in autumn – if it weren’t for the chaos of love that Venus pushes the air sign into. It makes the zodiac sign question everything and doubt their own decisions. A condition that does not go unnoticed by the other person, which can lead to a very tense, heated atmosphere and arguments. Aquarians should think carefully about what they want now and not make hasty decisions because they will regret them later. So, dear Aquarius, it’s better to take a deep breath and plan enough time off. This will prevent anything worse from happening.

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