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These 3 zodiac signs drink too much alcohol

Drinking a nice beer or a smooth wine in good company – this is a pleasure that many enjoy indulging in. Forget the stressful everyday life with alcohol is a very common way of leaving all problems behind. But it is important to find the right balance in order not to get caught in the vicious circle of alcohol addiction. The following 3 zodiac signs in particular who drink too much alcohol know that this is not easy .


The funny twins like to be around people and accordingly often look too deep into the glass. As is well known, alcohol loosens the tongue, which is already loose with this sign of the zodiac. It can easily happen that a Gemini under the influence of alcohol will say things that they will feel sorry for afterwards. If he doesn’t want to be in a social mess, he should definitely reduce his alcohol consumption. Communicative like the Gemini-born are, they don’t need any additional stimulants. So put a cork on it.


The sensitive Cancer is also one of the zodiac signs that speak too much of alcohol. He likes to drown his grief and worries in alcoholic beverages and doesn’t even notice when it’s getting too much. This zodiac sign is therefore particularly at risk of getting completely drunk and being completely knocked out. The next morning the cancer cannot remember anything and then, in a typical cancer way, ponders what it has done while drunk.


The fish also have a weakness for alcohol, because tipsy they finally dare to show who they really are. They go completely out of themselves, show their brilliant humor and inspire those around them with their wit. Encouraged by so much encouragement, Pisces-born people stick their noses into the glass more and more often in order to be able to regularly enjoy the pleasant social acceptance. Unfortunately, they also lose sight of when it is too much. That’s not funny anymore.

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