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These 3 Zodiac Signs Cannot Cope With Separations At All

Regardless of whether it was just a short time together, a long-term relationship, or perhaps a long-term relationship didn’t even develop in the end: separations are never nice. They are painful, turn the world upside down and it often feels as if everything will never be okay again.



As passionate and loyal as Scorpios are in love, they can be just as jealous. The water sign takes a long time to open up to a person and trust them completely. If a break suddenly occurs, the zodiac sign quickly feels betrayed and betrayed. The separation seems like a betrayal to Scorpio and this means that he cannot cope with it for a long time. Instead of closing things off, he tends to talk badly about his ex, spread rumors, and likes to make revenge plans.


Virgo is a perfectionist through and through. She plans everything down to the smallest detail and also has the most precise ideas about their relationship. She doesn’t like change at all and if a separation occurs, her world turns upside down for a while. Suddenly the Earth sign has to restructure its everyday life again, regulate matters such as a shared apartment, and redesign everything. This can lead to the zodiac sign, in desperation, getting involved with many a second chance with the man. But is that such a good idea? Often it just makes things worse if it doesn’t work on the second attempt.

3. LEO

Leos love to be the center of attention, always enjoy full attention, and are liked by everyone and admired by many. It hits them all the more deep down inside when they are dumped in love. Even if the fire sign would never admit it, the disappointment about the separation is great. However, you will never experience it as a heap of misery sitting in a corner. Instead, Leo tends to be an even bigger entertainer and draws the attention to himself than usual. After all, he wants to indirectly show his past love how great he is and what he/she is now missing out on.

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