Not for everyone is the idea to be single the sheer horror. Some enjoy their lives alone and the benefits that come with it. Above all, these three Zodiac signs are simply happier as a single than in a relationship: 


A relationship means a lot of restrictions for Gemini. Their erratic and spontaneous nature is difficult to combine with a solid partnership. Of course, this does not mean that Gemini is not happy to be in their own hands, but if they can do whatever they want, they are just a little bit happier.


Since Virgo is a very perfectionist, she also has very clear ideas about what the perfect relationship should look like. As soon as she discovers a trifle on her partner that does not suit her ideal image, she drops him and waits for “Mr. Right “. She prefers to enjoy her single life rather than being with someone who does not fit 100 percent.


Aquarius is the born single. He loves being independent and enjoying his freedom to the fullest. His Me-Time is very important to him, which is why he often gets a bad conscience in relationships when he wants to be alone. He is just happier as a single person when he does not have to give an account to anyone.

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