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Find out which are the zodiac signs you can trust and which are the ones on which, instead, it is better not to place your trust.

Each person has positive and negative characteristics that make him a being to be discovered. Based on the needs and ways of being of others, people create interpersonal relationships that can sometimes be special but others can fail miserably. Among the most important requisites requested by everyone are trust and the possibility of being able to place them on those around you. However, not everyone is worthy of deserving it. There are people who by nature prefer to live for the day and think only of themselves. While others, fortunately, turn out to be more sincere and able to satisfy the needs of those who want to rely on a trusted person.

Being trustworthy people usually depends on a mix of characteristics that are linked to personality, to the way of understanding life, to lived experiences, and, of course, to the zodiac sign of belonging. For this reason, today we will discover together which are the signs that can be trusted with a light heart. And, just to get a bigger picture, we will also find out which ones are best not to be considered reliable. A parameter that will be useful to many and that can help you to get to know even yourself better.

Astrology: the zodiac signs you can trust and which ones you should beware of

Aries – Those who are better not to trust too much
Those born under the astrological sign of Aries are not among the zodiac signs that can be trusted. Although on paper they are precise and calm people, when they have a way to get the better of someone, they do not hesitate even for a moment. Self-centered as few, they only care about their well-being. This leads them not to worry about who they are around. A way of doing that often makes them distant and difficult to understand. And although in the absence of “temptations” they can turn out to be good friends, with them it is always good to never let your guard down. At the first opportunity, they will not hesitate to betray the trust placed in them. And sometimes even to get irrelevant things. But it is in their nature and hoping to make them think is almost useless. The reason why the only weapon available is to know what to expect and be ready.

Taurus – Those who can only be trusted if you are among their closest loved ones
The natives of Taurus are among the zodiac signs that, when it comes to trust, are among the most reliable. What not everyone knows is that their way of being is not valid for everyone but only for the people that the natives of the sign consider important. Whether you are close relatives, childhood friends, or united by special bonds, trusting them is more than fair. People who love the natives of Taurus are willing to all and even if tempted, they will always try not to betray the trust placed in them. If relationships aren’t all that special, however, things change completely. And, the natives of the sign can prove to be completely unreliable. Very good in words, if they have the opportunity, they will not hesitate to pull water at their mill. And that is true even if doing so means hurting people who have chosen to believe in them. For natives of the sign, it is important to show loyalty only to the people who matter. He doesn’t care enough about the opinion of the others to sacrifice himself to keep his word.

Gemini – The ones you don’t want to trust too much
Even those born under the sign of Gemini are among the signs of which it is better not to trust too much. Although in certain types of relationships they can always give their best, in general, they are extremely self-absorbed and therefore unwilling to keep their word or to have a way of doing coherent with what they say. Rather humoral, they can make promises that are soon forgotten. And, at the same time, if they feel that there is not enough understanding with the people they are dealing with, they may decide to disappear to look for someone more in line with their way of being. The natives of the sign are therefore not among the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Often they can go so far as to tell lies, sometimes they are unfaithful and usually do not like to have ties because this makes them feel hunted in some way. They are therefore people to be taken as they are and to be accepted in toto, that is, including their defects. Which they can even make possible with their absurd way of doing things.

Cancer – Those reliable on project
The natives of Cancer are among the zodiac signs that when it comes to reliability they are in some sort of middle ground. Everything is in how they live in a given moment and in the type of relationship they have with the people who choose to trust them. When they experience a positive period, they find themselves quite reliable and able to meet the needs of those around them. In other circumstances, however, they may decide to go crazy suddenly breaking even important promises. Lunatic like few others, they tend to change their mind easily and sometimes they get to act out of the desire to tease. An attitude that does not honor him but which is part of them and which unfortunately they rarely manage to control. Loving them means accepting this way of being and learning to manage them.

Leo – Those who are always best to keep an eye on
It cannot be said that those born under the astrological sign of Leo are unreliable people. With them, however, you never know where you can go. And when it comes to trust, it all depends on various factors that are sometimes beyond our control. Usually loyal, at least with the people they love and consider part of their close circle of affections, the natives of the sign are used to thinking first of all about themselves. This means that if to live well they need to step over someone, they are ready to do it all without feeling the slightest guilt. Dealing with them, therefore, means always being in a position of risk, with the anxiety of being “sacrificed” for something greater. Fortunately, it is usually easy to guess how they will act because they are always motivated by the same needs that are to get noticed and to succeed in life. By learning to know them it will therefore be possible to establish contact with them and all without taking risks. What matters, however, is to always keep your eyes open and all without being guided by the heart. Dealing with them is in fact like being in a war, lowering the defenses can lead to a sensational defeat.

Virgo – Those you can (almost always) trust
Virgo natives have a very high opinion of trust and in a relationship, they are the first to ask for it. If they realize that they cannot trust someone, they prefer to exclude them from their lives without hesitation of any kind. Lovers of sincere relationships, always tend to say what they think and respect those who prove capable of doing the same. Unfortunately, however, they have the particular defect of always believing themselves on the right side. So, if they come to believe that acting in a certain way is the right choice, they can break some promises and all without feeling remorse. Reasoning with them is almost useless. The natives of the sign are convinced that seriousness and the ability to keep their word are precious assets. At the same time, however, they can show themselves completely extraneous to this principle. These are therefore signs that it is good to get to know. Only in this way will it be possible to predict their way of acting, choosing the right moves to make each time.

Libra – Those who can be trusted
Those born under the zodiac sign of Libra are people who love everything harmonious and can follow a logical thread. For them, always saying what they think is the most natural thing in the world and they tend to expect the same from the people around them. When this is not the case, they tend to take things personally, feeling stung and therefore hurt. It is therefore very important for them to be able to offer others the best possible treatment, which is what they would like to receive first. Trusting them is therefore very simple and usually the best choice you can make. Of course, they too as humans can make mistakes. But the positive thing is that they will always try not to do it and that if they ever do, they will be the first to admit the mistake made while trying to remedy it.

Scorpio – Those who can be trusted 100%
One of the zodiac signs that can be trusted the most of all is that of Scorpio. The natives of the sign love sincerity and always try to promote it first. Furthermore, if they happen to make a promise, they always do everything to keep it and not to betray the trust placed in them. Respectful of others, they demand the same treatment and when they receive it they try in every way to show themselves worthy of it. Dealing with them is therefore always a positive experience, especially from the point of view of trust. Beware, though, because as highly vengeful people, if they discover they have been betrayed, they can turn into their nemesis and become completely unreliable. Which they will not let them discover until the time for revenge has come in their eyes.

Sagittarius – Those who cannot always be trusted these born under the sign of Sagittarius are people who have a constant need to feel free. Submitting to rules, even if they are required to respect their word, is, therefore, something that does not fall within their abilities. While not realizing it and painting themselves in a completely different way, the natives of the sign prefer in fact to think about themselves. And if to do so they have to betray the trust of those around them, they are always willing to do so, having for themselves excuses that in their eyes will always be more than valid. Therefore, it is always good not to trust them much and take every word with the benefit of the doubt. Indeed, what is true today may no longer be true tomorrow. To be comfortable with them it is, therefore, important to remain independent and avoid getting too involved.

Capricorn – Those who are best never to be trusted at all
Capricorn natives are always full of good intentions. When it comes to acting, however, they too often have the presumption of having their way and everything without considering others. This way of acting leads them too often to betray the trust placed in them and all because even in the face of a promise they do not hesitate to change the cards on the table. Of course, when they do it is because they believe they can afford it. However, the bitter reality remains that by acting without consulting others, they always end up making them feel betrayed. If you are looking for someone to trust, then, the natives of the sign are not among the most eligible candidates. Even talking to him one would never conclude capable of satisfying both of them. Better to take what they can offer and always keep a healthy dose of skepticism.

Aquarius – Those who should not be trusted
Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are too individualistic to be anyhow reliable. When they have to make decisions, they tend to do so based on the mood of the moment. And when it comes to making commitments, they are unable to respect even the “pacts” they have made with themselves. Hoping that they can change their attitude with others is completely useless. Much better to take them as they are, accept them with strengths and weaknesses and always remember that their word, even if at the moment it can be given with the utmost sincerity and sentiment, is still subject to change. Maybe it will not be the best but it is the only way to hope to interact with them without feeling bad and not to encounter disappointments that it would be impossible to make them understand. For the natives of the sign, it is important to live well. And to do it they are willing to do anything,

Pisces – The ones you can trust
The natives of Pisces are among the signs that can be trusted. Sensitive, they always care about the serenity of others. And when they find themselves having to do with someone, in addition to always being honest they are also very attentive. Above all to never betray their expectations. For this reason, you can be more than sure they will always be able to honor a promise. Just as they will always know how to keep the trust placed in the high. The natives of the sign tend to expect the same from others as well. And when that doesn’t happen they can feel hurt to the point of calling everything into question. Even in these circumstances, however, they turn out to be loyal people like few others. The reason why trusting them is recommended is taking them as an example.

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