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Find out which are the zodiac signs that when they love to come to put the partner before themselves.

Loving is something unique and, as such, takes on different forms based on who feels a similar feeling. When you are together there is always someone who loves more than the other person, sometimes because the feeling is essentially stronger, other times because one of the two comes to love more than the other. This way of doing can depend on many factors among which there are the character, the way of loving, the relationship one has with oneself, and, obviously, the influence that the stars have on ways of doing and feeling.

Today, therefore, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that do not forgive after a betrayal and which signs of the zodiac are more demanding in love, we will find out which zodiac signs love their partner more than themselves and which ones do not think about it at all. Since this is a way of feeling and experiencing feelings, the advice is to also check the ascendant of the profile that you want to control, to have a more precise picture of the situation.

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Horoscope: the signs that love their partner more than themselves and those who cannot

Aries – Those who love themselves first of all
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who when they love feel charged with sparkling energy and able to make them feel euphoric and full of life. For them, however, the partner is never the center of attention but how he manages to make them feel. However involved they may feel, then, they will never come to say or think they can love their partner more than themselves. Indeed, it is a concept so foreign to their way of being that they would not even know how to do it nor do they believe that this is possible.

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Taurus – Those who love their partner almost as themselves
Taurus natives are so romantic that they have an idea of ​​their own about love and what it takes to feel that way. For this reason, when they believe they have found the right person, they come to love her with a feeling so strong that it can be almost comparable to what they feel for themselves. In some cases, especially if the story has been going on for a long time, they can even overshadow their other half. However, they always maintain a fund of rationality that allows them to always keep themselves in the first place, certain that otherwise, theirs would no longer be love but dependence.

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Gemini – Those who never love more than they do for themselves
Those born under the sign of Gemini can be particularly sentimental and give themselves to the person they love without too many thoughts. In doing so, they particularly follow their mood and the progress of the various days so that their feeling fluctuates continuously from medium to strong and vice versa. What is certain is that no matter how much they love, they never manage to put themselves behind their partner, especially on days when they feel the need to be with themselves or to pamper themselves a little. Theirs will therefore be a feeling capable of oscillating even touching very high peaks but never higher than what they feel for themselves and that in part they like to define self-love.

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Cancer – Those who love themselves first and their partner right after
Okay, the natives of Cancer are among the most sensitive signs of all and love the very idea of ​​love. For this reason, when they choose a partner they do so because they are certain that they can uniquely love them, placing them at the center of their world, exactly as they expect for themselves. Nonetheless, the extent of their feelings never exceeds those they feel for themselves. Self-centered as few never manage to completely step aside and this means that even if they have strong feelings towards their partner they will always be ready to take a step back if they feel little considered or not loved enough. Which, to be honest, happens to them very often.

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Leo – Those who always emanate after themselves
Those born under the sign of Leo are so in love with themselves that it is practically useless to wonder if they are among those who can love their partner more than themselves. When they feel involved and have esteem for the person they are with, however, they manage to put her at the center of everything, making her feel particularly loved. This way of doing them depends above all on the fact that in the partner they always look for a shoulder who can support them in all circumstances and who knows how to keep him in the game when they decide to show off.

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Virgo – Those who love without knowing how much
Let’s face it, Virgo natives are not made for such lucubrations, and when they love they do it without asking questions to which they already know they cannot give concrete answers. If they get involved they can have very strong feelings but these rarely outweigh those they have about themselves. Rationals like few live aware of being the only certain and constant presence of their life and this thought tends to accompany them throughout their existence. Nevertheless, they also know how to spend a lot without asking for anything in return but to do so they must be very much in love.

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Libra – Those who love almost equal
Those born under the sign of Libra have a positive idea of ​​love and are always in search of a soul mate. When they find it they end up getting involved and in doing so they can love their partner almost as much as they love themselves. Wary like few others, they can, however, withdraw as nothing if they believe that their love has been invested in the wrong person and when even the doubt arises in them, making them change their mind can be difficult. For this reason, even though they love a lot, they never get lost completely in a story, acting as controllers and if needed as judges but all without ever making the matter weigh on those around them.

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Scorpio – Those who love very much and sometimes more than themselves
The natives of Scorpio are people who firmly believe in love. If they find someone they believe they can trust, they tend to slowly lower their defenses, loving him more every day. This way of doing things has several positive sides but it is also pretentious as if disappointed by the partner, they detach quickly and without the possibility of going back. When they feel betrayed, in fact, for them it is all over and the first thing that vanishes is the feeling. A problem that applies only to those who intend to harm him. Those who will know how to earn their esteem will instead enjoy love so strong that it goes beyond even themselves.

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Sagittarius – Those who love but never so much
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius know how to love and they do it with pleasure but always putting stakes here and there. For them, the partner must be a kind of playmate with whom to have fun and spend pleasant moments. When this does not happen it is easy for the feeling they feel to end up quickly fading, leading them to detach themselves. For these reasons, it is really difficult for them to love someone to the point of being second in line. Their selfishness leads them to be constantly at the center of their world and to expect the same for their partner without however giving the same.

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Capricorn – Those who love a lot but never go too far
The natives of Capricorn love the very idea of ​​loving and when they meet the right person they choose to live the story by putting in all the passion possible. However, they never feel ready to step aside and this leads them to always keep a sort of detachment between themselves and their partner. A detachment that ensures that their greatest love always remains that of themselves. Even so, they always know how to make those who care about them feel important and in doing so they put a lot of effort into it because yes, despite everything, they would like to let themselves go to the point of losing sight of even themselves and envy those who can do it without asking themselves this way. so many problems.

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Aquarius – Those Who Don’t Love Enough To Stand Apart
Those born under the sign of Aquarius have such a special relationship with themselves that they can’t even consider having the same feeling for someone else. Anyone who loves, therefore, will always come after them and even by a lot. Of course, they too know how to have feelings but even when these are very strong, the desire for privacy, the independence of which they cannot do without, and all that follows can get in the way, and if there was a need to choose, not they would hesitate to put themselves first, always and in any case.

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Pisces – Those who love their partner more than themselves
The natives of Pisces are romantic, empathetic, and able to bond with others indelibly. When they find the right person, then, the extent of their feelings may reach a level that makes them love them more than they do with themselves. This does not mean that they cancel themselves out because they know how to always remain present to themselves but in doing so they always care a lot about the feelings of the person they love and if they can they are also ready to step aside to make her happy. A unique way of loving that only a few can implement and that is almost natural to them.

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