Find out which signs of the zodiac prefer to live according to their own rules rather than that thought by others.

Living according to rules imposed by others can be a difficult thing and not everyone experiences it simply and spontaneously. While on the one hand there are people who almost feel the need for a predefined path to follow, on the other, there are others who tend to feel almost oppressed by what is perceived as something to do.
This way of living things means that the way of approaching others and life itself changes from lost to person.
The way of living the rules and the ability to follow them or escape them at any cost usually depends on a mix of factors among which the character, the type of education received, the first contacts with the authoritative figures, and, of course, the experiences stand out. of life.

However, even the stars have a certain influence on the way we act and this can also affect the way we perceive the rules.
Today, therefore, after having seen what are the characteristics of Pisces and why it is nice to have a person born under the sign of Pisces in your life, we will discover which are the signs of the zodiac that prefer to live according to their own rules and which, instead, are better able to adapt to existing ones. As always, to have a clearer idea of ​​the relationship with the zodiac signs and the rules, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a clearer idea of ​​the situation.

Here are the signs that prefer to live by their own rules

Aries – Those who do not follow the rules at all
When it comes to rules, it can be said that those born under the sign of Aries are completely outside. Their main prerogative is that of not following them at all and of living according to the inspiration of the moment. Although they are very good at understanding the context in which they find themselves, they prefer not to behave as required and have the particularity of doing so without any hesitation or fear of the consequences. This depends on their not giving weight to the judgment of others which combined with great confidence in themselves makes them immune from criticism. This is why, even at the risk of making mistakes, they prefer to follow themselves, and even when they do so, they carefully avoid giving themselves rules.

Taurus – Those who follow their own rules
The natives of Taurus are quite loyal to the rules but above all love to redefine them based on their ethics and way of thinking. Thus, even when it seems that they are simply following rules already imposed by others, in the majority of cases they will be seen intent on breaking several schemes to give life to ways of doing that mostly start from their ideas. It is something they do a little by instinct and a little because they are used to listening first of all always and only to themselves. A way of doing that, many times, pushes them to expect that others also follow their lifestyle, and this even when they have to deal with people who are quite different from them.

Gemini – Those who follow the rules casually
Those born under the sign of Gemini are well aware of the rules that surround them but do not always decide to pay attention to them. They generally do so only if they agree on every point and if they believe that following them to the letter can bring benefits. When that doesn’t happen, they prefer to go a little bit of their mind and act on how they feel at the moment. This is especially the case when they are in their highs and lows, where the mood tends to be fluctuating. In these cases, they can go from obsessively following the rules in order not to make mistakes to not following them at all, certain that they have established more suitable ones for the context.

Cancer – Those Who Only Apparently Follow the Rules
The natives of Cancer seem like people who are so quiet that they can only follow any kind of rules they come across. In reality, their need to always live at their best and to feel at ease in every context leads them not to respect all the rules exactly but to follow them only as long as it suits them. If they have their ideas about it, they prefer to do their own thing. Not so much because they trust their instincts but because they find it easier to do so. And you know, for those who like to live in a relaxed way, this is the best way to proceed without having too many problems to deal with.

Leo – Those who create their own rules
Those born under the sign of Leo are so sure of themselves and their way of acting that they almost always choose to follow their own rules. Thus, even in situations where there are guidelines to follow, they prefer to put their own, changing here and there according to the situation and expecting others to do the same. Often they act like this to confirm their role as leaders but at other times they can face real clashes with those who perceive this way of doing as an act of arrogance. In any case, their thinking about it tends to always remain the same because they are sure of themselves, they are always sure of doing the best even when, in reality, they are wrong.

Virgo – Those who follow the rules to make no mistake
Virgo natives can seem confident enough to give a damn about the rules. In reality, however, when there are important issues at stake, they prefer to memorize any guidelines and follow them from start to finish. This leads them to feel safer because they are confident in those who, before them, have drawn up the rules. This way of doing things, although in contrast with the habit of criticizing and judging the work of others, is attributable to the fear of making mistakes that often prevails and that following the rules already imposed helps them to feel somehow more secure. It goes without saying that in the absence of anything else, they will feel empowered to take command of the situation and suddenly appear confident and confident in their means.

Libra – Those who mix the rules with their thinking
Those born under the sign of Libra are famous for being righteous people. Consequently, it is difficult for them to ignore the rules they encounter on their path. Farsighted as few, however, if they are sure of their work they can reach a compromise that usually involves the application of existing rules but with small variations of their design. This way of acting is usually well studied and therefore never extreme. These are mostly nuances that they put in place when they are more than sure they can do it and can reap the benefits. In any case, they will never pretend to have others follow their changes as well, always illustrating the fine line between one and the other.

Scorpio – Those who follow their own rules but also the existing ones
The natives of Scorpio are very witty and independent people and this leads them to be able to easily implement rules to follow and to modulate according to situations. However, they also know that some guidelines should always be followed and for this reason, they tend to stick to those they consider most important, making some small changes to others that are usually not taken into consideration by anyone. Natural leaders, don’t even need to ask someone to follow what they do because they tend to be emulated even when they don’t want to.

Sagittarius – Those who make a little too many rules
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like to follow the rules because it makes them feel somehow in prison. When they can, they prefer to escape from it and create their own set of guidelines that are more linked to personal ethics than to anything else. This often leads them to make mistakes even without realizing it. At the same time, this way of understanding things leads them often and willingly to clash with others because they do not like to feel judged or criticized by those who, who do not agree with them, try to make them think.

Capricorn – Those who try to change the rules
The natives of Capricorn show themselves to the world as people who respect the rules. The truth, however, is quite different. It is enough to observe them while they are in action to notice how in front of every rule they always try to trick something to be able to move as they see fit. This way of doing things often ends up compromising the outcome of things and everything without realizing why. This happens because, too sure of themselves, they do not consider in time the possible consequences of their actions. Unfortunately, this is an aspect on which it is even difficult to reason because even in the face of a fait accompli they will never accept that they were wrong.

Aquarius – Those who make their own rules
Those born under the sign of Aquarius love to make their own rules and tend to do it for every possible situation. This is partly due to their always being over the top and almost taking pleasure in contradicting what they are told. Unfortunately for them, most of the time they tend to make mistakes which they don’t notice but which end up wasting twice as much time. Whether they like it or not, in fact, sooner or later they always end up having to go back to the real rules and yet their discontent. It goes without saying that at the first opportunity they will go back to doing as always because this is their way of doing.

Pisces – Those who tend to follow the rules but with imagination
The natives of Pisces, when they can, tend to follow the rules, especially if after a careful vision they have nothing against it. Not loving to waste time and not having who knows what ambitions in affirming freedom that they know how to guarantee themselves, they prefer to follow a path that is already safe rather than going haphazardly. Acute as few are, however, able to make changes if needed, and often, when this happens, they end up improving the possible results. This happens because they do not act out of vanity or fear but only after having carefully reasoned about the situation they are facing and about all possible developments.


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