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Today we decided to ask stars and planets for a very particular horoscope ranking: here are the zodiac signs that will remain single and why!

Let’s face it: it has happened to everyone, sooner or later, to imagine their life as a boyfriend or wife.
The house with the white fence, the dog in the garden, the well-kept lawn, and so on. Ok, okay, we agree: maybe you didn’t imagine it like this but, in any case, it happened to you too to imagine a future with someone by your side.

Well, stars and planets may have different plans for you, and for this reason, we asked them to draw up a very special ranking.
Ready to find out if you are in the top five signs that you will stay… single for life?

The zodiac signs that will remain single: here’s who they are and why according to today’s horoscope

Nothing to do: if the stars say so, it can only be true, don’t you think?
Come on, of course, we’re kidding. But, here, taking a look at the ranking of the zodiac signs that will remain single according to the horoscope can’t hurt after all, don’t you think?
There are five positions: it is better to see who they are and why, and maybe completely raise the doubt of finding our sign among them.

We don’t believe in the possibility that if the horoscope says so you will remain single forever… do we?
Come on, apart from everything, staying single is not this big problem: some people can’t wait to finally be able to be alone for a while!

Almost certainly, therefore, those zodiac signs that are in this ranking are the ones to which being alone is not quite so horrible.
Of course: now we will see who and why, according to the stars, will remain single for life: curious to know them… closely?

Aquarius: fifth place

To do anything in life, there is only one method: that of the Aquarius … to hear, of course, the Aquarius!
This is a sign that he is struggling in the relationship with others! First of all, he believes he must always do everything for everyone.
That’s why not only relationships with him are difficult for others but precisely for the Aquarius himself: he takes charge of every problem and stops at nothing!

Secondly, then, the Aquarius has a whole series of small ways and rules with which you have to do things, from washing dishes to loving each other.
Almost impossible to find someone who thinks exactly like him or you decided to become ” controlling ” a wand to live in peace!

Capricorn: fourth place

Sorry, we wanted to ask you if you knew someone more stubborn and stubborn than those born under the sign of Capricorn.
Like? Say no? Ah, but then that’s exactly why Capricorns, in all likelihood, could end up staying single for the rest of their lives!

We do not wish them so but we must tell the truth: Capricorns are among those people who, most of all, do not mind being alone.
Of course, under their gruff attitude often hides a heart of gold but this does not mean that Capricorns are dying to have something to do with others. They are people who are good from the sun: why worry about the feelings of others?

Scorpio: third place

Even Scorpios are not people who yearn for relationships with others and who would have no problem being alone “forever”.
Since they are not inclined to listen to others and their feelings ( feelings ? What are they? Scorpio does not know many), those born under this sign have no qualms in love.

Of course, if someone wants to take the trouble to do all the “emotional” work with and for them there is no problem.
The Scorpio will happily accept to have someone to sleep next to him and with whom to go out to dinner for her birthday.
If it doesn’t, though, it’s almost better for Scorpio. These are people who are decidedly unwilling to have others close to them and who, therefore, are happier than ever when they are single!

Leo: second place

Those born under the sign of Leo are single? But how are they not the kings and queens of the savannah? Of course, this is true: Leos are extremely desired and, often, they are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to love!
Too bad, however, that the Leos have no desire to be with others … unless they become strong copies of the Lions themselves!

Selfish, protagonists, only able to see themselves and their desires: let’s face it, Leos are not made to be with others!
It is not a question of wickedness but of a real way of doing things that require others, with their needs and necessities, to vanish.
There is only Leo and only Leo counts: even in a two-person relationship!

Since they are like that, those born under the sign of Leo struggle to find someone close to them … forever.
Of course, they have so many candidates that they can fool the expectation of capital A love even for years.
And if it does not come, never mind: there will always be someone who will idolize the Lion … right?

Aries: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that will remain single

At the first place of our ranking today, perhaps surprisingly for some, we will find all those born under the sign of Aries.
How strange, right? But no: Aries are often surrounded by many people (friends, boyfriends, or more or less in-depth acquaintances). This does not mean, however, that they are people who love the other, or that they want in their lives forever: Not!

L ‘ Aries is a sign that has a way of making very strange: for them, no one is never enough, and thus spend a lot of time trying to find a partner perfect or change for the better on them.
The Aries, of course, almost always live an emotional journey rather strange: frequently ” pretend “, almost, of being insecure and uncertain, especially in love.
What we discover then, at a certain point, is that in reality, Aries are not insecure … but just the opposite!

Extremely self-confident and also arrogant, convinced that they are the best of the best, Aries are unlikely to be satisfied with a partner who is not what they want or imagine.
The result? After so much trouble, the possibility that Aries will remain single forever is not just a possibility … but almost a certainty!

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