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The zodiac signs that will be left in 2022

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2021 is coming to an end and December is always the month of forecasts. What will happen in love in 2022? Here is an overview of the zodiac signs that will break up next year.

By now 2021 is coming to an end and the time has come to think about what the new year will be like, also in terms of love . For some couples, 2022 will be the year of the breakup, this is part of our life, but the best way to deal with them is to know when they will happen. So what are the zodiac signs that will be single again next year? Let’s see together what the stars suggest to us.

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2022 will be a year full of changes for those born under the sign of Cancer . The first part of the year will be devoted to rethinking many aspects of your life. This introspection will lead you to gain more self-confidence and to become more determined, but what will happen in love? You are one of the best known signs of your hypersensitivity that next year will vibrate like a tuning fork at every slightest emotion.

There will also be many twists and unscheduled changes , including a breakup. The situations that will lead you to terminate your romantic relationship will be different. You will feel terribly romantic and very energized, never as in 2022 will you have a great desire to do and you will not be able to sit idle.

Do whatever you want even if your partner is unwilling to follow you, life is too short to stand still waiting for who knows what. Here, most likely the cause that will lead you to leave will be realizing that your sweetheart does not want to keep up.


The Cancer man born under this sign, in the first half of the year will not be able to contain his personal emotions and this will cause not a few tensions with the partner . You will not want to start any future projects and this could cause the separation.


The maternal instinct in the Cancer woman is strong, but this does not mean that you have to become a mother. In 2022 you may need to think about yourself a little , pay attention to yourself and, most likely, your partner will not understand your choice. Not bad, you can see that it was not the right one

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For the coming year, you born under the zodiac sign of Libra , will develop the ability to think more deeply. This will make your romantic relationships a little more unstable. Putting aside fears and uncertainties, the desire to build and realize your dreams will grow in you. All this inner strength is none other than the fruit of the complicated astral conjunctures you have experienced in recent years.

But then why would you go single again? All the fault of the transit of Pluto in Capricorn which will cause many tensions and changes in the family. For historical couples, however, it will be a constructive and stable year. To keep the relationship alive, try to go through the discussions with your partner, always be honest and at the same time keep love separate from any interference.


The Libra man will be very confident and will have a clear idea of ​​his goals to be accomplished by 2022. However, the partner may not be on the same wavelength as you.


The desire to pursue a hobby or play a sport will grow in you . In short, you will want to think about yourself and your well-being and this could leave little room for the couple relationship.

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For those born under the sign of Scorpio, this 2022 will be a year of changes, but the most important ones will be within, that is, there will be changes in your attitudes , towards life and the situations that surround you. In short, it will be substantial changes that could improve or worsen your temper. But how will love go for you Scorpio?

Although the sky is quite good, also thanks to the transit of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces which will make you more imaginative, there will be unexpected situations. These may be pleasant, like the arrival of a stork, but you will have to take into account that they may not be at all. Your relationship could be negatively impacted by the frustration and exhaustion you carry with you since 2021.

These aspects could cause ongoing discussions and memorable arguments that could lead to twists and turns, such as a breakup, that will overturn your plans. If you want to keep your relationship stable, try to find a way around these issues and find some alone time with your partner.

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In 2022, the Scorpio man will let himself be carried away by his emotions. Be careful, though, as your partner may have a hard time understanding you.


The beginning of the year will not be the best because your patience has reached its limit . Try to relax a little, otherwise your relationship will suffer.


The stars are telling us that this is going to be a very spiritual year for you Aquarius and this will affect so many aspects of your life, including love . For you, 2022 will be characterized by great changes that will also make you grow on a personal level. Some personal relationships will strengthen, but others will be forced to say goodbye . As for love, in fact, next year will be Aquarius for you, full of unexpected situations. To cause these continuous changes will be the transit of Uranium in Taurus.

At some point you will have to look deep into your heart to understand what you really want: are you really sure that your relationship is working? There will be conflicts for important family situations. Think carefully about your feelings if you want to solve all the problems in the best way.

Summer will help you to clarify , but if you feel that your relationship is taking a wrong turn, the stars advise you to close it as soon as possible, to start again, then, on the right foot. The period from October to December , in fact, will be full of emotions .


The men of Aquarius are looking to start a family in this 2022 . Too bad, that in some cases, the partner will not be of the same idea.


The start of the year will be difficult for you Aquarius women to handle due to the excessive build-up of stress. You should take some rest , otherwise your romantic relationship will also suffer.

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