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No, don’t lie, and don’t ignore it. If you are on the list of the five slowest signs to prepare you already know that you are guilty (and also why all your friends hate you). 

Aah, summer (but wanting any other season is fine anyway).
Time to have fun and have fun with friends! Evenings, aperitifs, birthdays and drinks: there is always something to do in the evening as well as, of course, the sea or mountains to reach in the morning!

Everything is pink and flowers if, unfortunately for you, you don’t have to deal with one of those famous zodiac signs that take so long to get ready that… it often gets dark!
Today we decided to find out the ranking of those laggard signs of the zodiac only when it comes to their physical appearance. Aren’t you in the top five too? Let’s find out now!

The slowest zodiac signs to prepare: here is today’s horoscope ranking

You like this nail polish but wouldn’t it be better to try it in a different shade, just for a change? But yeah, come on, what do you want five more minutes to be? Of course, you had been thinking about this outfit to show off for months and it must be said that it looks really good on you. But what if you used another shirt instead of the one you have already chosen? And then another t-shirt or another pair of more colorful pants and socks and …

How? Ah yes, now you are changing for the umpteenth time but it’s only a one-minute affair, nothing to worry about!
How many times have you happened to have these thoughts and, above all, are you doing them even now while reading this ranking instead of preparing yourself?
Then we have some bad news for you (as well as for all the people who know you ).

You may be one of the slowest zodiac signs preparing for the whole horoscope!
It often happens, in fact, to have friends who make us wait until it is really too late to imagine even being able to arrive on time for an appointment.
Maybe once or twice it can go well: the problem, however, is when this attitude becomes the norm!

Let’s find out who are the five slowest zodiac signs to prepare for and if there is someone you know among them.
(Or if, among others, you are in the ranking !). After that, with the evidence in hand, you can finally not feel guilty when you tell your late friend the wrong time, at least an hour in advance!

Capricorn: fifth place

Unbelievable but true, those born under the sign of Capricorn can be very slow when it comes to getting readyCapricorn, in fact, has a personality that often leads him to seek perfection: that’s why, especially if he has to go out suddenly, it can really take hours to get ready!

Generally, when they have an appointment, they are quite accurate and on time, precisely because they know it first.
If you ask him to get ready for the flight, however, you might as well get comfortable and wait half an hour: you will not go anywhere “in a hurry”!

Cancer: fourth place

Even those born with the sign of Cancer can take a  really long time when it comes to getting ready. But for what reason?
This is a sign that we really have to say, he doesn’t have a clue what his personal style is.

One day they dress one way, the next another. For months they don’t wear makeup, then they spend hours trying to make a line of eyeliner with ten different colors.
In short, you have already understood: Cancer is a sign that transforms its indecision into minuteshours and sometimes days of delay .. Better try to take her calmly and give him a hand to get to grips with her multicolored wardrobe than here: if you can’t defeat him, join him!

Pisces: third place

In third place in our ranking of the slowest zodiac signs to prepare we find all those born under the sign of Pisces. Those born under this sign, in fact, are not only never punctual but are also decidedly slow in getting started.

Pisces do not live by the “rules” of a ” normal ” society: which would simply mean that they have no problem being lateThose born under the sign of Pisces do not believe much in having to do everything immediately, in leaving the house on time, and, above all, in putting punctuality before their physical appearance! They will always take hours to prepare and will literally drive you crazy: at least, however, you have to recognize one thing. As soon as they leave the house Pisces make all heads turn!

Aries: second place

Aries is also a sign that can really take a lifetime to prepare. So much so that, then, he gets angry when he arrives late somewhere and the party has already moved elsewhere.
But it is impossible for them to take a short time to get out: their insecurity makes itself felt in a really heavy way!

Aries is one of those signs that struggles a lot with its image and does nothing but worry about how others perceive it.
For this reason, therefore, preparing for him is almost impossible: either he always dresses the same way or he takes hours to choose a new look!
Even though they take a really long time to prepare, Aries really have a big problem with their image. Let’s say we can justify them… unless they do us wait three hours under the house!

Leo: first place in the ranking of the slowest zodiac signs to prepare

At the top of our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Leo. No need to get angry or take it badly, dear Leos: you are really slow when it comes to getting ready to go out!
Whether it’s a drink with friends, a walk to take the dog down, or on their wedding day, it doesn’t matter (relatively) to Leos.

They will always have to have the best outfit of all, perfectly ringed hair, and the best perfumeIf they were to meet someone more fashionable or better dressed than them, those born under the Lion would really end up ruining the evening! The Lion, in fact, has a precise plan: he takes a long time to prepare, shows up last, and collects approval and admiration.

For them, it is almost a drug!
If you date someone born under the sign of Leo, then, by now you know it and have been warned: better prepare to be patient!
For them, schedules are not only extremely flexible but also a way of knowing when others will be gathered so that they will arrive laterLeo is the slowest zodiac sign to prepare: never forget that!

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