These three zodiac signs can’t wait for the weekend to go to sea. The beach is a real attraction for them

Now here we are, summer is upon us and many people are planning their beach holidays . In reality, at least from the climatic point of view, summer has already arrived for almost a month, even if we are experiencing almost all these wonderful days in the office or at work. But rest assured, in a few weeks we will be able to enjoy the sun , the beach, the sea and well-deserved relaxation.

This is the desire of everyone but in particular of three zodiac signs . Some signs of the zodiac, in fact, love the sea more than others. It is a passion that was born as a child and developed throughout life. Today we will find out which are the zodiac signs that love the sea the most , here are the top three in the ranking. And you, are you a lover of the sea? Do you think your sign is on this list too?

The three zodiac signs who love the sea

Libra : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Libra. Those born under this sign of the zodiac love to spend entire afternoons by the sea, listening to the sound of the waves, playing with the sand. Libra loves everything about the beach, from the sunrise dip to endless conversations with the umbrella neighbor, discussing her favorite team’s latest purchase or a Hollywood actor’s new wedding.

Cancer : in second place we find the sign of Cancer. This zodiac sign cannot give up the sea. It is certainly one of those people who starts going to the beach since the month of April, even if the temperatures are not yet high. But Cancer doesn’t care, there’s nothing better than spending a nice day at the beach. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac prefer to give up the comforts of home in the city to save money and buy a cottage by the sea, where they can spend their summers.

Gemini : in the first place in the ranking is the sign of Gemini. Those born under this sign have no doubts about where to spend their summer holidays. Sand, sea, umbrella and lots of relaxation. These are Gemini’s summer priorities. This sign loves to go to the beach at dawn, when no one is around, to enjoy the noises of the morning and the still clean and pristine water. If it depended on this sign, it would always be summer.


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