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Find out which are the zodiac signs that lie to their partner the most and which ones don’t think about it at all.

In a couple’s relationship, one of the most important aspects is certainly sincerity. Based on a solid relationship, there should always be trust, respect, and sharing. And as you can imagine, none of these aspects can occur if there is no sincerity between the two parties.
Always telling the truth and opening up 100% with your partner, however, is not easy for everyone. For different reasons, some people are unable to fully trust in a relationship.

For others, however, the idea of ​​showing oneself in total sincerity leads to feeling too exposed. There are many reasons for not being completely honest and they are not always linked to the desire to hurt or betray the other person. Sometimes the problems are quite different. But as always happens when lies are involved, things don’t change. Whatever the reason, lying is always a choice that puts even the most solid relationships at risk.
And since among the many possibilities that can lead to lying there is also the influence that the stars have on us, today, after having seen which are the most unstable signs of the zodiac and what makes the various zodiac signs uncertain, we will find out which are the zodiac signs that lie the most to the partner which instead always try to be honest.

An aspect for which it is advisable to check also in the profile of the ascendant. In this way, it will be possible to better understand who you are in front of and how to behave to find a better meeting point.

The zodiac signs that lie to their partner and those who manage to be honest

Aries – Those who lie often
Those born under the sign of Aries are particularly prone to tell lies to their partner. They do this when they go to conquer and continue afterward. Generally, it is not a question of who knows what lies. For the sake of peace, however, they prefer to avoid any possible confrontation. And to do this they are used to sweetening things, making them more digestible for their mate. Sometimes this way of doing it also turns into outright lies. And regarding this point, it must be said that the natives of the sign are often subject to becoming addicted. This, over time, leads them to build real castles of lies.

Something that sooner or later is discovered leading to inevitable screws. If they learned to manage the small differences and not be afraid to show their frailties, things would certainly be better. And even they would feel more relaxed and able to better enjoy the relationship as a couple.

Taurus – Those who hide different things
Taurus natives are people who particularly care about their privacy. This often makes them closed towards those they do not yet know well. When they start a relationship, then, while not lying, they always tend to omit things. As time progresses, of course, what hasn’t been said in due course can turn into a lie. And this risks creating problems. Not loving the idea of ​​having to fight, the natives of the sign try to always change things to tell a part of the truth but without going into annoying details. A way of doing that he does not always succeed and that in longer relationships can be a problem. A good way to fix it? Understand when the story is becoming important and start opening up. Even at the cost of admitting the many small omissions made in the past. This will certainly be better than any lie and will help the partner gain more confidence and also accept any previous distortions of reality.

Gemini – Those who lie a lot
Those born under the sign of Gemini are among the signs of the zodiac that lie the most. This is due to their being dual. Which often leads them to experience different sensations both towards things and towards their partner. Being with them means having to accept certain lies because if sometimes they are convinced of something, in other cases they think quite the opposite. Their variable mood often guides their choices. And it happens so quickly that their remains end up being confused. For this reason, aiming for a relationship of total sincerity with them can be a real undertaking. While on the one hand, one can hope to work on the biggest lies, on the other hand, it is important to take into account their way of being. A way of being in constant change that, even when they are sincere, pushes them to change their truths,

Cancer – Those who avoid saying certain things
Cancer natives cannot be said to be liars. They always tell the truth. A choice that they mostly make because they are aware of not knowing how to keep so many lies in mind. On the other hand, they are pretty good at avoiding saying certain things. When something embarrasses them, they prefer to avoid saying it by keeping everything to themselves. They do the same even if they have doubts or perplexities about something or if they act in the wrong way thinking that it is not so revealing to let it be known. Generally, if they have a good relationship with their partner, they tend to consider them a confidant. This, therefore, removes the possibility of lies. However, the possibility remains that they prefer to avoid saying certain things. Fortunately, these are almost always related to their way of being.

Leo – Those who magnify reality
It is not that those born under the sign of Leo like to lie. Loving being the center of attention, however, they usually make everything scenic. This means that when they talk they always tend to exaggerate things, exasperating them to the maximum to impress. A way of doing that takes their hand to the point that they often and willingly believe in the things they say. Even in the relationship with the partner, they do not fail to express themselves in this way. So, even when they try to be honest, they always end up reporting something very different from reality. An aspect of which, in some ways, they are also aware.

Nonetheless, however, they cannot do without it. Being with them, therefore, means learning to accept this modality. Which, among other things, by learning to know them will become increasingly clear, helping the partner to understand how much to take as true and how much, instead, to consider as an extra to which you do not give weight.

Virgo – Those who avoid saying uncomfortable things
Virgo natives have an extremely personal relationship with the truth. On the one hand, they expect anyone to always tell them how they are. On the other hand, however, they are the first to hide everything they consider difficult to understand. This also applies to all the truths that in their opinion can put them in a bad light. Worried about always appearing spotless, they, therefore, avoid admitting mistakes and if it takes lying to do so they are willing to do so. Aside from that, they try to be consistent and say as much as they can. And all because they don’t like the idea of ​​having to carry the weight of so many lies on them. With them, however, you can never rest assured. It is therefore important to keep in mind that if they think it is right they are always ready to lie or change the reality of the facts.

Libra – Those who, if they can avoid lying
Those born under the sign of Libra, prefer to avoid telling lies as much as possible. They do it because they know they have all the credentials to support their ideas. On the other hand, in some circumstances, they may find a few small circumstantial lies more useful. This happens if they are dealing with someone they don’t think is important in their life or if they try to cut a certain topic short. That said, the natives of the sign are also able to keep some great secrets and sometimes this concerns them firsthand.

If there is something about their past they are not proud of, they try to modify it as much as possible, telling everyone a different version. One thing they also do with themselves and that depends on their need to surround themselves with beautiful things. A need that in some cases can lead them to hide something even from their partner.

Scorpio – Those who only do it if they don’t trust them
The natives of Scorpio have a special relationship with the truth. Lying is something they don’t like at all but when they choose to do it they are so good that it is virtually impossible to find out. When dealing with their partner, they try in every way to build a relationship that is as sincere as possible. And this depends on the importance they place on trust. Such importance as to push them to request it also as a partner. If for some reason they feel they cannot be trusted, then they may decide to return the same treatment. In that case, they usually start by omitting something, inserting a few lies from time to time. An attitude that over time can lead them to lose a little sense of proportion. This is why it is always better not to betray their trust in any way. Only in this way, in fact,

Sagittarius – Those who lie naturally
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius are not among the most sincere people in the world. For them, lying and distorting some truths is just as good a way as any to keep themselves safe from pointless arguments. This leads them to often use lies. And that doesn’t change when they have to deal with the partner. Usually, it is not a question of who knows what lies but of small distortions of reality. Something so natural to them that it pushes them to be the first to convince themselves of it. This means that over time, remembering what they lied or told the truth about becomes more and more difficult. To be able to hope for a relationship with fewer lies and more truth, it is important to be open-minded.

Accept their every opinion and avoid too much criticism. These are some of the reasons that push them to change things. After all, natives of the sign hate being contradicted.

Capricorn – Those who lie a lot
Among the zodiac signs that lie the most are the natives of Capricorn. For them, lying is a natural thing to do to get what they want without having to argue with the world. When they have a goal, they go to great lengths to achieve it. And to do this they are also willing to manipulate reality. Unfortunately, they tend to apply this same way of dealing with the partner. To make the relationship go well, they try to manipulate it. Trusting them means knowing them deeply or having the awareness of having to face many small lies that the natives of the sign will continue to repeat without ever stopping. And all even when they know they have been discovered.

Aquarius – Those who lie little
Those born under the sign of Aquarius don’t usually lie. Not so much out of a desire for sincerity but because they do not experience what others may think of them as a problem. Even when faced with the possibility of a heated confrontation, they are quite relaxed. In this case, they can abstract themselves like few others. Having said that, these are people who have a personal conception of reality and who, therefore, at times, can get to change the facts by making them turn to their advantage. Being with them, therefore, does not mean living a sincere relationship but a story in which the lies will be few even if well articulated. A fact that, once aware, can be faced. As long as you want to live things without taking it too much. Something that the natives of the sign would not be able to tolerate.

Pisces – Those who rarely lie
The natives of Pisces are among the people who lie the least within the zodiac. This is even more true when they are dealing with a partner. For them it is the most special person of all, that is the one with whom to share the most important aspects of life. Thus, as they demand sincerity from others, they are the first to offer it, especially to a life partner. And often this happens even at the cost of being too direct. They’re being honest, however, is a very special thing to experience.

The natives of the sign, when they trust someone, they manage to reach a very special level of intimacy. A level that can combine more than you think. An experience that is worth doing, especially if you in turn love sincerity.

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