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Find out which signs of the zodiac hide their emotions and why they do it. And which ones, on the other hand, have no problem with it.

Emotions are what make us feel alive, which guides us towards important decisions and which leads us to deepen or not interpersonal relationships with those around us. Everyone, some more and some less, feels emotions and even if it is not always easy to express them, there is no way to stop them. Of course, you can lie to yourself and not admit to feeling it but in the long run, this only leads to complicating your life and losing contact with yourself.

The way of feeling and feeling emotions depends on many factors such as character, experiences, individual sensitivity, and, last but not least, the influence of the stars. According to the zodiac sign, you can have a different way both in living and managing emotions and in showing them. After seeing who is the person who attracts the various signs and who should be avoided and the life lesson that the various zodiac signs should learn by the end of May, today we will discover which are the signs of the zodiac that hide their emotions and which, instead, have no problems in this regard. Since this is an aspect that concerns the way of being and feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the signs of interest, to have a clearer idea of ​​their way of acting.

Astrology: The zodiac signs that hide emotions

Aries – Those who do not hide them but minimize them
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who have a very personal relationship with their emotions. If on the one hand, they feel no need to hide them, on the other they live with the constant thought of showing themselves as strong and resolute people. Which pushes them to minimize what they feel not only about others but above all about themselves. Whether they are in love, happy or sad, they will always tell half-truths, giving reasons other than real to their emotions and pretending to be happy or strong even when they are not. Nevertheless, now and then they could give vent to some thoughts and in doing so they may appear sincere as never before, except to immediately change their mode and go back to wearing the mask they love to feel on and which in part defines them.

To say that they hide emotions is therefore not strictly correct. To best describe them, we can say that they make them smaller and more bearable and when they are first convinced they end up giving the same version to the rest of the world. A way of doing that overtime should learn to change to live better.

Taurus – Those who do not have problems but only show them to loved ones
Taurus natives view emotions as something private which, therefore, they prefer to share only with people they trust. When they feel something strong they don’t have much trouble admitting it to themselves and if it happens they even get upset, happy, or depressed in front of others. What they never do, however, is go into detail because this would mean getting naked and revealing aspects of themselves to people with whom they prefer to keep a certain distance. For this reason, when it comes to confiding they tend to do it only with close friends. Those they believe are trusted and with whom they have no problems opening up. A way of doing that belongs to them and that they would hardly change.

Gemini – Those who sometimes show them and sometimes hide them
Those born under the sign of Gemini are among the strongest signs of the zodiac. Predicting their way of acting is almost completely impossible because in life they are used to change. Which, among other things, they do all the time. When it comes to emotions, therefore, they almost always end up having different attitudes which, most of the time, depending on the mood of the moment. If at times they prefer to keep everything to themselves, isolating themselves and sulking if things go wrong, others may talk about every little aspect of what they feel to even a stranger. It is a way of being that depends on their being dual but that all in all they seem to manage calmly and serenely. This cannot be said for those around them since understanding how to take them is impossible.

Cancer – Those who externalize them in their way
The natives of Cancer are extremely emotional people. This means that every smallest emotion has very strong effects on them and such as to constantly change their mood. Whether it’s positive or negative emotions, their reaction will always be violent, leading them to act differently depending on who they are next to. If with them there are people whom they blindly trust and with whom they get along, they will not have any kind of problem. When they don’t know how to behave, however, they end up getting extremely nervous, to the point of annoying anyone who tries to understand them. This is their practically normal way of doing things, so much so that you know them you won’t have big problems. If you have very superficial relationships, however, this moody way of being could create some problems in relationships.

Leo – Those who express them without problems
Those born under the sign of Leo have strong self-control and this leads them to feel confident when it comes to emotions. The idea of ​​showing them does not create any kind of problem in them because they are aware that they know how to manage them and that they are never victims. Those who know them well tend to consider them a bit cold despite showing themselves to the world as sunny people and this is because even when they describe a strong emotion, they do not seem to feel it. This is partly linked to their knowing how to manage what they feel and partly to a basic detachment that they have always had with themselves. The detachment allows them to never be overwhelmed by what they feel.

And even if sometimes they risk losing some emotions because they get used to living them almost on the sly, the truth is that they feel good this way. Above all, because they have the peace of mind of always knowing how far to go and of not running the risk of being judged in a different way than desired.

Virgo – Those who hide them from everyone
Virgo natives are more sensitive people than you think. Nonetheless, they have always lived with the ability to estrange themselves from what they feel and everything so as not to run the risk of being judged. This way of doing, over time, risks leading them towards a road with no return and whose only path leads to a way of being introverted that is impossible to change. As cold and detached as they may be, in fact, they too have emotions. The real problem lies in the fact that they never manage to live them as they should and this leads them to not feel empathy for others, much less for themselves. In them, there is a judge who stands over every emotion they feel and who is far more severe than anyone else could be. An inner judge who, unfortunately, often pushes them to judge others too, leading them to appear tougher than they would like and risking undermining even the most important relationships. Learning to grasp and express emotions would be a real school of life for them.

Libra – Those who show them superficially
Those born under the sign of Libra are sensitive people but also endowed with great rationality This, over time, leads them to experience emotions in an almost detached way, to the point of not receiving any shock. Although they may fail from time to time in this way of being and find themselves experiencing more violent emotions than usual, in most cases, they manage to control them, and in doing so they strive not to let anything leak out to anyone, not even the people they consider dear. If they can, they prefer to take the time to better analyze what they feel and everything to get to know each other better and to be able to fully understand the reason for each emotion.

An aspect that in the eyes of others can be difficult to understand but it is important for them to always keep this aspect and this is because they always need to appear calm and moderate.

Scorpio – Those who always try to hide them
The natives of Scorpio are extremely closed people who have a strong sensitivity that leads them to try to protect themselves from everything and everyone. For this reason, when they feel overwhelmed by emotions, they prefer to isolate themselves and avoid contact with other people. In this way, they believe both that they are never a burden to others and that they avoid further frailties. It is a way of doing that is not always understood but that is what makes them feel better. And this although occasionally finding someone to confide in could be extremely good for him. Sometimes, the natives of the significant lack the ability to express themselves as they would like. Which they can do with those they love or through art and writing.

Sagittarius – Those who show them by disguising them
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius love to talk about themselves and when it comes to emotions they are no exception. For this reason, when it comes to saying what they feel, they don’t mind doing it even if making changes. One of their ways of doing this is that of showing anger and resentment when they suffer, unleashing an aggressive way that does not belong to them and therefore often appears more extreme than they think. A problem that can cause fractures in important relationships, leading them to lose even the people they care about. The pride that has always distinguished them does not help them to reveal themselves to others and causes them to point to the point of being even more angry than usual.

We can therefore say that they have an altered relationship with emotions. Who does not know how to manage them and that when they try they risk complicating things more? Learning to be more true and spontaneous may be the only way to learn to live what they feel both inside and outside of themselves.

Capricorn – Those who exaggerate them
The natives of Capricorn love to show their emotions because in this way they believe they appear more real and sensitive to the world. When they practice this way of thinking, however, they almost always end up exaggerating what they feel. This makes them run the risk of appearing forced or out of place, creating doubts in those around them. At the same time, if they are taken seriously, they run the risk of appearing more fragile than they are. Once again, being honest is the only choice that can help them both fully experience their emotions and show themselves for who they are. A choice that can lead them to have truer relationships and not have to pretend all the time to maintain the fictitious image they have given of themselves.

Aquarius – Those who try not to show them
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who like to keep their privacy. This leads them not to tell much about themselves and often put aside the emotions they feel. Those who know them, therefore, have a harder image of them than that which belongs to them. An image that can lead to relationships that are not well built between them because they are based on untrue aspects. This, despite everything, is a detail that the natives of the sign do not care much about and all because what interests them most is to be able to live doing only what is of interest to them. This is why they prefer to keep every little emotion for themselves, hiding any fragility that they believe would put them at risk. A thought that does not go well with reality but that it is really difficult to make it change, especially when there are others involved.

Pisces – Those who externalize them without problems
The natives of Pisces are among the most sensitive people in the zodiac. This means that when it comes to emotions they are the first to feel strong ones and all without any shame. Aware of the fact that emotions are what keep them alive, they love them to the point of cradling them when they feel them and taking care of them to soothe them if they are negative and increase them if they are positive. A typical way of doing the natives of Pisces who always and in any case try not to burden others, but share every positive emotion.

A way of doing that makes them unique and for which they are always loved by others who cannot fail to admire this instinctive and free way of being.

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