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Find out which are the zodiac signs that, when they are sad, easily console themselves with food.

It is well known that food is, as well as a source of nourishment, a consolation for certain ills of the soul. Many people when they feel particularly sad are used to consoling themselves with sweets or other foods that somehow manage to cheer them up.
This is a situation that must always be considered carefully due to diseases related to the consumption or non-consumption of food that it is good to recognize quickly in order not to be able to intervene as soon as possible. When it comes to sporadic situations, however, it can happen to everyone, once in a while, to want to console themselves with something good like a sweet or some chocolate. Since even the tendency to console oneself with food can be influenced by the stars, today after seeing what they are the zodiac signs that always complain and which are the timidest signs of the zodiac, we will find out which are the ones that tend to console themselves with food. Since it is something that has to do with the way of feeling, as often happens, it can also be useful to check the ascendant of the sign that you want to verify to have a more precise idea of ​​the situation.

Here is how much the various zodiac signs console themselves with food. The opinion of the stars

Aries – Little
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who love to live life in every aspect and who, when they suffer a slowdown, immediately think about how to get back on track. For this reason, in moments of sadness, they rarely choose to take refuge in food. For them, a run to relieve stress or an outing with friends to cheer up is often more useful. Which they choose most of the time as a definitive solution, to shake off the sadness to resume stronger than ever.

Taurus – Very
Taurus natives are great food lovers and it often happens that in the important moments of their life, this is a bit of a corollary. If they are happy they love to celebrate by indulging in something good and if they are sad, they always use food for consoling purposes. Most of the time they tend to fall back on sweets they eat more often and in larger quantities than usual. Sometimes this can go on for a few days but when they recover they know how to heal, trying to eat healthier for a while.

Gemini – According to the moments
Gemini is people who often change moods and who have different ways of reacting to situations that are even the same to each other. The choice of whether or not to throw themselves into food, therefore, depends on their mood at the moment, the cause of their discomfort, and the state of mind. Having certain friends around can also help make a difference because if they have someone to hang out with, this will likely be the first choice. If they find themselves alone and disconsolate, however, food can become a way to abstract themselves from everything for a few hours, allowing them to feel more serene and less distressed.

Cancer – Enough
Those born under the sign of Cancer are naturally greedy for good things and being very emotional they can often give in to the choice of consoling themselves with food. When it happens to them, their preferences usually go-to sweets and especially ice cream and biscuits. Sugar helps them feel less distressed, providing them with a feeling very similar to that of a cuddle. If they are feeling particularly down they may try to involve their friends in some consoling eats, especially when feelings are involved.

Leo – For Important Consolations
The natives of Leo always try to be rational and not to be guided by emotions. For this reason, when they feel sad they try first of all to remedy the problem by solving the problem of finding ways out. During moments of stalemate or when they feel particularly tense and nervous, they can give in to some extra food that will vary from sweet to savory according to the time and availability. What matters to them is the act of eating itself which allows them to abstract for a few moments from constantly thinking about the things that make them particularly low in mood.

Virgo – Very often
Although rational as few, those born under the sign of Virgo usually use food as a consolation. But theirs is not a way to console themselves, but to relieve stress. If deeply sad they can get to the exact opposite, by stopping eating. When unpleasant emotions make them feel anxious or nervous, on the other hand, food becomes a comfortable and rewarding outlet, to the point of pushing them to switch from sweet to salty without getting big problems. Even if, being able to choose, dessert is always their first choice, especially for lovesickness.

Libra – Rarely
Libra natives, particularly balanced people as they are, do not like to vent their feelings in any way. If they are ill they prefer to let off steam in solitude to be able to get up as soon as possible. It is therefore very difficult for them to choose to throw themselves on food to dispose of a moment of particular sadness. In some cases, however, especially if in the company, they can come to accept a sweet as a little cuddle. However, these are isolated cases and they run out quickly to make them return to the moderate people they are.

Scorpio – From time to time
those born under the sign of Scorpio are emotional people and, although they try in every way to appear less fragile than they are, they prefer to overcome difficult times by relying exclusively on their strength. For this reason, if they are feeling particularly down in the dumps from time to time, they can opt for something good that can make them feel more emotionally satisfied. Generally, if they feel nervous, they prefer salty foods such as pizzas and focaccia while for the sadness they tend to prefer sweets and chocolate.

Sagittarius – Sometimes
the natives of Sagittarius are not big gluttons but they love good food and consider food as a moment of sharing. Sometimes, therefore, it can happen that to distract themselves from an unpleasant moment they decide to meet some friends to eat something, aware that combining the two things will only do them good. They generally tend to limit themselves, limiting themselves to eating as they would under any other circumstance. In the saddest moments, however, they tend to indulge in some more sweets, trying to feel satisfied for a few moments.

Capricorn – Hardly ever
Those born under the sign of Capricorn have a relationship with food that can be defined as constant. If they are feeling low, then, they don’t feel the need to eat anything in particular. Conversely, they may sometimes decide not to eat at all as they are too focused on the pain they are feeling. They are more likely to prefer to indulge in a few extra afternoon naps rather than food. In front of a dinner invitation, however, especially if they are trusted friends, they never hold back.

Aquarius – Virtually Never
Aquarius natives are not used to mood-related upsets. Of course, as everyone can feel sad but they rarely make it a tragedy, aware that it is part of everyday life. Their relationship with food is therefore calm and rarely subordinated to how they feel. If they are foodies they will tend to eat well and perhaps better when they feel particularly down, on the contrary, they will simply behave as always, simply waiting for the moment of sadness to pass, making them feel at ease with themselves again.

Pisces – Quite often
Pisces are very sensitive and emotional people and are almost always a lover of good food. This combination means that when they feel sad their tendency is to indulge in something good to eat and able to relieve them, albeit for a short time, of the emotions they feel. As for preferences, they tend more for sweet foods like cakes, cookies, and chocolates. In their absence, however, they do not disdain elaborate dishes, especially if to be consumed in the company of someone who knows how to be close to them.

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