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Find out which are the zodiac signs that after cheating do not feel any sense of guilt.

Betrayal, as we know, is a difficult subject to deal with. Those who suffer from it rarely forgive and with great difficulty and those who implement them can do so in a premeditated or casual way but always putting the integrity of the relationship at risk. Although it is objective that cheating is wrong when talking about something that is done secretly and to the detriment of the person you love, not everyone sees it in the same way. Often those who betray learn to hide behind all kinds of excuses which they end up believing in, in other cases, however, those who do so do not consider at all the feelings of those who say they love, focusing only on themselves. Then some come to us for a whole series of circumstances which, once passed, leave him with a great sense of guilt combined with the fear of losing everything.

But what do these differences depend on? In addition to character and personal experience, even the stars can affect the way people think and act. So, after having seen which are the zodiac signs that do not forgive betrayal and which are the signs of the zodiac that love too much, today we will find out which zodiac signs betray without feeling guilty and which instead if they find themselves doing so they end up regretting it bitterly. As often happens in these cases, also checking the profile of the ascendant can help to have a clearer picture of the situation.

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Horoscope: The signs of the zodiac who betray without feeling guilty and those who instead feel great remorse

Aries – Zero feelings of guilt
When they decide to betray, those born under the sign of Aries do so in full consciousness and this means that they never have anything to repent. Of course, if they have been busy for a long time and live a fairly peaceful love story, they may feel sorry but they always know what to say to put aside any feelings of guilt, relegating everything to something that does not have who knows what importance. A story in which they manage to believe and that pushes them to always make the best of a bad situation, avoiding uncovering themselves and leading them not to make a drama out of it if the fling were to be discovered. Their certainty is not having done anything irreparable is such as to make them think they can also convince their partner.

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Taurus – Very few feelings of guilt
The natives of Taurus, when they live a relationship that they consider important, they do not usually cheat and this is because they are the first to not tolerate escapades from the partner. When the relationship is still at the beginning or they don’t feel particularly involved, they may succumb to some temptation that can translate into simple flirting, up to a real betrayal. When this happens, aware that they have not betrayed the person for life, they do not tend to yearn but feel a little guilty and this leads them to be more kind, to give gifts or to be more accommodating, perhaps even for things for which are usually used to complain. After the betrayal.

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Gemini – Feelings of guilt every other day
Those born under the sign of Gemini have a very open way of living as a couple and it may happen that, especially in the early days, they find themselves cheating if they have the opportunity. When this happens, guilt tends to arise based on their mood and how the relationship is progressing. In moments when they feel more involved, they will feel certain remorse while in others they will be completely detached, justifying themselves in a thousand different ways and saying that they have probably been led to betrayal for some lack in the relationship. The truth is that sometimes they are just too humoral and that can lead them to take actions that they regret.

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Cancer – So many feelings of guilt
The natives of Cancer believe a lot in love and are so convinced of the purity of feelings that they do not like the idea of ​​betraying or, on the contrary, being betrayed at all. Sometimes, however, it can happen that in a difficult moment such as a post-quarrel or a situation in which they feel in some way little considered by their partner, they can succumb to the flattery of others. Generally, this does not exactly lead them to cheat because they stop sooner but wherever they go the sense of guilt will reach them like a boomerang, giving them a sense of unease that is difficult to make disappear unless they bow to mere confession. If so, they will be able to feel more relieved even if they are not ready to receive criticism or blame from their partner. Being judged by others remains their Achilles heel after all.

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Leo – Some sense of guilt but intermittently
Those born under the sign of Leo do not experience love stories lightly and when they commit they try to carry it out in the best possible way. That said, should they happen to cheat, they would probably feel some sense of guilt. Immediately afterward, however, they would end up deciding that their gesture was dictated by the partner’s failings and this, in addition to alleviating any possible remorse, would end up leading them to evaluate the idea of ​​looking for someone who never pushes them in any way between another person’s arms. A somewhat convoluted way of seeing things but that goes well with their decisive way of doing things, always based, first of all, on themselves.

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Virgo – Absent feelings of guilt
Virgo natives are rational people and if they betray it is because they have already evaluated every possible aspect of this gesture. This means that in addition to not feeling guilt, they usually repeat themselves and all without changing their attitude towards the partner. This way of acting, however, is practiced almost always in the absence of important feelings, and in the long run, they too feel the need to bond with someone who can involve them and make them a little less cerebral. When this happens, in general, they tend to become faithful and, in the event of some fling, they even feel guilty by avoiding repeating the mistake.

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Libra – Many feelings of guilt
It is difficult for those born under the sign of Libra to decide to betray. For them, love is an important feeling that as such must be treated from different points of view. Trust and loyalty are elements that they consider indispensable and that they love to carry on. If they happen to cheat, then, it is only because the story they live does not reflect the characteristics that for them are the basis of a lasting relationship. Despite this, they will still feel guilty and a little for this reason and a little for not running the risk of repeating themselves, they will most likely decide to leave their partner, perhaps even explaining the reasons. A choice that may seem questionable to many but which for their way of being is also the most sensible.

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Scorpio – Feeling Guilty?
The natives of Scorpio are entirely against treason. Trust and respect are the ABCs of any self-respecting relationship and for this reason, they are not used to betraying. However, they can do so if they believe the story is over or if they are sure of the betrayal of others. Acting for revenge is in fact what they do best and, needless to say when they do they don’t feel the slightest sense of guilt. On the contrary, if they think they have made it all, they feel as proud of themselves and satisfied as after having achieved a goal. But, as already mentioned, if they are not at war they are not doomed to betrayal, which is why feelings of guilt are not part of their way of being.

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Sagittarius – Some sense of guilt
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a free soul that leads them to observe the world with ever different eyes. It can therefore happen that they feel tight within a relationship or that they end up cheating on their partner, perhaps in a moment of anger or in a period in which things do not go as they would like. When this happens, the sense of guilt tends to show itself especially when the partner is kind and loving towards them. This can therefore lead to a conflict that is difficult to resolve and which in the long run can lead them to quarrel or confess, even if only partially, what happened. The way they do this is so unpredictable that the extent of the guilt is too, as are the chances of their story overcoming their betrayal.

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Capricorn – Feelings of guilt almost completely absent
The natives of Capricorn are very good at telling it to each other, so if they ever get to betray, they would do it with all the appropriate excuses. Their alibi would be so iron as to make them believe it first and this would somehow alleviate any feelings of guilt. Generally, however, they are not people who tend to cheat and if they do it is only because they are now also sentimentally taken by another person. This means that the story is destined to end anyway as well as their vague feelings of guilt.

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Aquarius – No sense of guilt
Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to always say things as they are and in case of betrayal they are very likely to confess everything without too many problems. This means that for them there is no room for feelings of guilt but only for the desire to externalize what has been done so as not to have to invent lies, which is quite tiring for them. Their betrayals are however rare unless they are involved which, when it happens, leads them to move away to chase the new dream of love or if it is impossible, to keep themselves open to every new possibility.

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Pisces – A lot of guilt
The natives of Pisces are not people who cheat. The respect they have for others is so strong that they never give in to any action that could hurt the people they know. Deeply opposed to betrayal, they, therefore, avoid any situation that could lead them down that path. If this ever happens to them, they would then end up feeling so guilty that they stop immediately or confess everything to their loved ones. Only in the case of superficial and loveless relationships can they experience such a thing in a more relaxed way. But these are always situations that don’t last long because for them the search for love is one of the most important things in life.

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