No, don’t scream, we get it: you are one of the five zodiac signs that are afraid of love, aren’t you?

As soon as you hear about feelings or love do you start screaming at the top of your lungs? Does your boyfriend turn white when you talk about the future and sweat profusely as soon as he sees you drawing hearts next to his name?

Quiet (well, almost). It is nothing more than a terrifying and petrifying fear … of love! How about discovering together which are the most ” succubus ” zodiac signs of the terror of love and see if you or your partner are there? Today’s horoscope ranking could explain so many of your… problems!

The zodiac signs that are afraid of love: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Some people shiver at just hearing the word love and have to sit down for a moment. No, it is not a particular medical condition but, simply, all those people who cannot help but be afraid of love.

Let’s understand: we all, sooner or later, have received a loving wound that we have struggled to heal. Some people are unlucky in love, people who have had very bad experiences and also … people who are only afraid of loving.

What do you say, we want to find out the ranking of today’s horoscope, that of the zodiac signs who are afraid of falling in love?
Here are the top five positions: it’s not you or your partner, are you?

Taurus: fifth place

To everyone’s surprise (and even themselves), we find those born under the sign of Taurus in our ranking today.
Well yes: even the Taurus are zodiac signs who are afraid of love, feelings, and falling in love: who would have thought that?

Generally, however, those born under the sign of Taurus are simply people who have suffered a lot, especially while entering the relational world.
Confident and positive, Taurus only need a bad first experience to end up sucked into a maelstrom of mediocre relationships, which they will try to make work at all costs. By dint of working to make relationships work, therefore, Taurus will always (or almost always) find themselves with a partner who will ask them to take a step forward. Terror! In most cases the
Taurus is simply “filling a void” … and here love, for Taurus becomes a real chimera!

Virgo: fourth place

Even those born under the sign of Virgo have a great fear of love: it is a pity that they pretend to the contrary!
People born under the sign of Virgo are the classic people who end up ruining relationships due to a trifle.

Maybe it’s the other person’s way of eating or the way they see themselves “growing old” with another person close to them. Maybe it’s just how they hear another person talking about their partner! It matters little (more or less and obviously) what the reason is. Virgo can “invent” the most ingenious excuses to end a relationship!

Capricorn: third place

We can “give” Capricorn a nice third place in our ranking of the zodiac signs who are afraid of love.
Hey, don’t get us wrong: it’s true that when Capricorn finds love, generally, they put their heads in place and are capable of huge sacrifices!

What is equally true, however, is that Capricorn has a hard time conceiving the idea of ​​love. To depend on someone, to be a ” victim ” of strange feelings, which agitate the heart and the mind is not really for him. With a Capricorn you have to take it easy: it is better to wait for him to make the first move rather than scare him by making his eyes in a little heart!

Leo: second place

Although they are generally very passionate and intriguing, those born under the sign of Leo are among the people who struggle the most to accept the idea of ​​love.
Of course, even for them, the idea of losing your individuality and independence is quite shocking.

Who could be on their level? The Lion moves the issue of fear of love on a floor staff.
No one will be able to be the right person for Leo all their life simply because Leo has an opinion of themselves… just too big!

If you are in love with a Leo, you know that you should always walk on tiptoe when it comes to talking of feeling with A capital letter.
Very difficult to get them to open or have their opinion about it!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that are afraid of love

There is nothing to do, dear Gemini, it is better to admit it immediately and try to understand, then, where to start again.
It is you, among all the zodiac signs, those who are most afraid of love admit it!
Those born under the sign of Gemini have managed over the years to find a way to hide the others that their tiny little problem.

Too bad, however, that by pretending nothing happened they end up creating truly asphyxiating situations! The twins are afraid of love for different reasons. Some are afraid of love because they do not want to be dependent on others, those who are afraid of love because they know that they will get tired as soon as they get what they want and those who are afraid of love because, the Gemini, they do not need anyone. other in their life. (Or at least, that’s what they say).

For Gemini, love is a real task. They can’t live it in a calm and relaxed way, taking things as they come.
No, for Gemini to love means to question oneself too much, having to be sincere and transparent with others and take on too many responsibilities: better run away!


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