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Who are the zodiac signs that always play the double game? Today’s horoscope ranking is here to reveal it: they won’t tell you!

Have you ever met someone who, with you, behaved in a certain way, perhaps friendly and encouraging, but who, behind your back, did everything to ” bring you down “?
Maybe it is a colleague of yours at work or a friend of yours or, again, a schoolmate.
It took you a long time to understand that, in reality, that person was a double agent but it is certainly not your fault. It is double agents who are hard to spot!
Fortunately, the stars and planets have decided to give you a hand: here’s how!

The zodiac signs that always play the double game: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Think well of that friend you discovered (too late) who was talking behind your back or who used what you told her in confidence to bring water to her mill.
Thinking about it now it’s amazing that you have been in touch for so long and that you have allowed her to treat you like that, isn’t it?
We want to give you some news: the fault is certainly not yours … that person was simply a double agent!

Today’s horoscope ranking wants to highlight who are the zodiac signs that always double-cross in life. Or rather: we only want to tell you which ones are most “at-risk” of playing double agents and with whom, therefore, it is better to keep your eyes open. You never know what it might do… against you! What do you say, would you like to find out who we will find in today’s ranking? We hope that your sign is not there, otherwise, it would be appropriate to rethink your choices!

Libra: fifth place

Hey dear Libra, don’t start getting angry right away: we certainly don’t want to pillory you but you have to admit that, when you want, you can be double agents!
Libra often becomes decidedly ” smart ” when it comes to the people they love.

If it’s you and a Libra loved one, you can be sure that Libra will double-cross with you if the opportunity arises. A job opportunity, a disputed boyfriend … whatever comes to your mind, if you are contending with a loved one by Libra (or with herself) you have to be careful!

Aries: fourth place

Aries should be a lot higher in today’s rankings but, luckily for them and unfortunately for us, they are only a fourth of the zodiac signs that always double-cross. Incredible, right? We can say one thing about Aries: they can also be sincere friends but only with very few people.

For Aries, nothing, absolutely nothing, is more important than them and their goals. This means that Aries are realized people even if a little competitive and often unhappy: however, unfortunately, it also puts them on the side of double agents.
If they can push themselves forward with a few tricks, rest assured: Aries will!

Leo: third place

Pay attention to Leos, dear friends of the horoscope. Well yes, dear Leo, you ended up in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always play the double game. How is it possible?
Maybe because, even if you don’t realize it, you can be a double agent whenever you want.

The point with Leos is that those born under this sign are particularly geared towards success.
For Leos, winning is essential and, for this reason, they often end up double-crossing when they begin to see their chances dwindling. Dear Leos, try to be less of a double agent… your reputation as loyal people is at stake!

Gemini: second place

Anyone born under the sign of Gemini knows by now: the horoscope rankings are here to unmask him and they will certainly stop at nothing! Gemini
are people who, when they can, always try to double-cross for a very simple reason: if they can earn it,  they must earn it!

Any interaction or exchange with a person born under the sign of Gemini is born under a manipulation star.
Geminis must always be in control of the situation (and, because of this, they never stay in the same place for very long). To always be in control of the situation you need to be able to “twist” others with lots of chatter: but why do all this effort? Simple: Gemini is always trying to bring water to their mill!

We are sorry to have to unmask them but that’s it: those born under the sign of Gemini are real double agents and if they can stab you in the back for their profit… well, you can bet they will!

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that always play double games

Dear Sagittarius, don’t make that face: we put you in the first place of today’s ranking because you know how to be true double agents when it happens!

Sagittarians are people who can be defined as very independent. They surround themselves with friends because they can attract many people to them but few can say that they know the heart of a Sagittarius!
Those closest to him are also those who, paradoxically, find themselves burned more often. Sagittarians are capable of giving real stabs to others, especially if they are close to them.

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