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Are you one of those zodiac signs who love ugly Christmas sweaters and have a whole wardrobe of them? Find out now with our ranking today: if the answer is no, at least you will know who not to invite for Christmas!

Together with Christmas, we should know well unfortunately, another season has arrived that many people are looking forward to.
That of the ugly Christmas sweaters!

This type of sweater has now met a very famous worldwide: the parties named  Ugly Christmas sweater party’s  (literally the ” party of ugly sweaters for Christmas ) to celebrities, everyone (or almost) have worn an ugly sweater Christmas theme.
Aren’t you a fan of this type of sweater too?

The zodiac signs that adore ugly Christmas sweaters: discover today’s horoscope ranking now

Yes, there are people who not only love the ugly Christmas sweaters but do not even see forward to being able to show off the new!
Times have changed since Bridget Jones found herself forced to show off a decidedly questionable Christmas outfit, feeling ashamed.

Now there are parties designed specifically to show off their sweaters for Christmas and who has worse simply wins!

We decided to ask stars and planets if there are signs of the zodiac who can not wait to wear their ugly sweaters for Christmas and the answer was that the rankings are about to read.
Ready to find out who is in the top positions?

If you are not there, at least, you will have an overview of which are those zodiac signs not to invite home for Christmas or that you can invite at your own risk.
Who knows which sweater will dare to show up!

Capricorn: fifth place

Yes, those born under the sign of Capricorn love ugly Christmas sweaters and they have a lot of them in their closet.
Would you ever have said that?

The Capricorn has a sense of humor that often is mixed with a touch of arrogance: it is not strange, then, that you present at Christmas wearing the ugliest sweater you’ve ever seen!
The Capricorns, then, will do everything to pretend to be wearing a completely normal sweater just for the sake of making you laugh!

Scorpio: fourth place

This ranking of the zodiac signs that adore the ugly sweaters for Christmas continues to amaze us, but how, even now the Scorpio has no problem wearing them?
The answer is yes: Scorpios love ugly sweaters and proudly wear them at Christmas!

For them, it is absolutely fun to show up at parties (even in the office) showing off a particularly ugly Christmas accessory. They have fun making others laugh and are relaxed and fun like you’ve never seen them before. Be careful though! Woe to showing off a sweater uglier than theirs: you will start a challenge that will continue over the years and that will become increasingly fierce!

Cancer: third place

If there is anyone who at Christmas does not care about the figure they will make and the clothes they will wear, they are born under the sign of Cancer.
The sweater for Christmas worst that might come to mind is already in her closet: cancer does not think at all that is ugly!

Those born under this sign simply adore the sweaters of Christmas: make them laugh, they are brilliant and not just think that they are ugly, indeed!
They have so many to choose from and they wear them with pride: you certainly won’t be able to beat them at the party, as they wear the ugliest sweaters in the world without any problems.
Cancer is like that: something more is bad and they have to have it!

Taurus: second place

Even those born under the sign of Taurus amaze us with their position, even quite high, in today’s ranking, isn’t it?
Well, know that Taurus just loves ugly Christmas sweaters and can’t wait to show off theirs!

Even more: if the Taurus doesn’t have an ugly Christmas sweater on hand, you can rest assured that they will make it especially for the occasion.
For them, any piece of clothing that is particular and that others do not have is essential in the wardrobe: we let you imagine how many ugly Christmas sweaters they have!

If invited them to a party on the sweater of the Christmas bad, you know that really will do anything to win, including also take more than one option to make others look bad.
The Toro is like that: they worship the ugly sweaters for Christmas and are not ashamed!

Pisces: First place in the ranking of signs who love ugly Christmas sweaters

Finally, in the first place of our ranking today we find all those born under the sign of Pisces.
Does it seem strange to you to find them here?

The Pisces are the admirers of the ugly so ugly that ends up being beautiful and, you know how to make it elegant even the sweater ugly of Christmas.
But how do they do it? They just have so much fun wearing ugly Christmas sweaters that you won’t stop for a moment to think about how awful they are wearing!

We know well that Pisces are made like this: extremely elegant and graceful, they transform any garment into a piece of high fashion.
Even the ugly Christmas sweater, in their hands, becomes an object of desire!

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