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The Type Of Man You’re Not Meant To Be With, According To Your Zodiac Sign 2022

Some relationships are only a burden for our heart and they leave us drained.

To put it simply, there are some guys who are in our lives to teach us what we don’t want in life and to show us what kind of man we want to be by our side.

To avoid wasting your time, here we have the type of man you should be avoiding, according to your zodiac sign.


Aries are very adventurous and they want their partner to be adventurous souls as well.

Also, an Aries is very productive, so if they see their partner procrastinating the tenth day in a row, they might start to realize that they don’t want that person in their life.

If an Aries plans a party and their significant other wants to stay home, like he did every last time, there’s gonna be a problem.


Taurii can’t handle narcissists. Period.

As a Taurus, you don’t mind your partner looking fine for a date and looking good all the time, but trying to be the center of attention with his narcissistic-self isn’t OK.

You don’t handle attention whores because you aren’t one either. If your guy likes kissing his reflection more than he likes kissing you, just leave.


The last thing Gemini women need are shy men who need constant reassurance for their looks and actions.

If you need to keep talking about how you love him and that he doesn’t need to fear you leaving him, he simply isn’t for you.

You need someone to walk the streets with and look gorgeous and confident.

Not someone who’ll hide behind you because you are wearing the pants in the relationship.


Cancer women know what they want in life and they expect the same from their significant other.

These women love to express their feelings in unusual ways and if you’re one of them, you really don’t need someone who won’t appreciate your feelings or someone who’s not caring and loving.

You put a lot of effort into a relationship, so don’t settle for someone who’s not willing to put the same amount of love and affection into it as you do.


Leo is an ‘all or nothing’ type of sign and you need a man who’ll want to provide you with the amount of attention you deserve.

If you’re prepared to be with someone every waking hour of the day, you simply can’t get along with someone who’ll keep texting his friends, not even realizing that you’re right there next to him.

As much as you’d want it to work out, if he isn’t willing to make an effort to show you how important you are to him, then why waste your time?


Virgo, you’ve got a nice practical head on those shoulders of yours, which means that you make awesome decisions in your life, no matter if it’s in your love life or your business life.

You are very rational and you know that relationships take a lot of time, which means that you can’t be in one with a hopeless romantic. Why, might you ask?

A hopeless romantic loves the idea of love more than the person they’re with so they spend the whole time giving you gifts and overloading you with the attention that you don’t necessarily need.

You need someone who’s as productive as you are and will push you to go out of your comfort zone.


Librans need communication! If your man is more of doer or even if he is someone who plays like he’s strong and mysterious, you simply know that it won’t work out.

When it comes to arguments, you need to know that you can talk about your feelings openly without someone making weird faces at your words.


You are one very mysterious woman who shouldn’t look for a man like that.

It’s OK to play it cool at times, but when it comes to the part when you’re getting serious in the relationship, you don’t want to be guessing if he likes you or not because he keeps everything to himself.

You need someone who’ll talk about everything with you and get the little things out of you.

If you say, “I’m fine,” he needs to sit beside you until you start talking about everything that’s wrong, not someone who’ll be silent together with you.


As a wonderful and independent woman, your man should love and appreciate you in a way that isn’t clingy, because in a moment of discomfort, you will run away from that person.

You also need someone who can keep up with your adventurous self and whom you can have fun with.

Don’t settle for someone who’ll sit in the house 24/7 and call it love.


You don’t need someone who hasn’t yet figured f out where his life is going.

Don’t go for a rebel who lives for today because that’s not the type of guy for you.

But in the end, you’re the type of woman to go for your career and self-improvement, so why rush?

You need someone who will be there for you to support your plans and go alongside you. If he only cares about having fun, just move on.


You are also very independent. You don’t need a partner, and if you do want one it’s a completely different situation.

You want someone who has their goals set and you can go after them together.

Also, mindful conversations are a must! If he’s good looking but as stupid as a human can get, it’s not going to work out for you.


The most important thing for you to realize, as a Pisces woman, is that you can’t fix someone else!

We all know that you’re the woman who likes to take care of others and make them feel better, but if your boyfriend is an insensitive jerk who only puts his own needs before anything else, then you need to run away from him.

You can’t be part of something as toxic as that relationship!

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