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These three zodiac signs will be able to enjoy an unforgettable month of October. Do you think your sign deserves to be on the podium?

The month of October has finally arrived, we have finally put aside the short sleeves and we are already heading towards autumn. This month may bring some good news to some people, while others will have to wait a little longer. Our star friends will have an eye for three signs of the zodiac , which will have to expect an incredible month of October.

Those born under these zodiac signs will receive an important phone call, will be able to carry out a project that has been in mind for some time or could finally meet love. But now it’s time to read the ranking of the zodiac signs that will live a beautiful month of October , scroll the text down and find out if your sign is on the podium.

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It will be a perfect October for these three zodiac signs

Capricorn : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Capricorn. Those born under the sign of the zodiac experienced a particularly agitated month of September . In October everything will change, things will settle down and serenity will finally return. There were some outstanding issues that did not allow Capricorn to move forward but now it is all resolved. The next few weeks will be fun and challenging.

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Sagittarius : in second place in the ranking is the sign of Sagittarius. Those who belong to this sign of the zodiac went through some major changes in September and will now be able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. There is a project that has been pending for too long but now the time has come to realize it and to take away a lot of satisfaction.

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Pisces : the primacy of today’s ranking goes to the sign of Pisces. This sign occupies the highest step of the podium because it will experience several unforgettable moments, from all points of view. Some will find love, others will reconcile with people who felt distant and there are also those who will finally find a job. It will be a fantastic month for those born under this zodiac sign, the only problem is that the idyll will not be infinite.

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