These three zodiac signs don’t get along very well with Gemini. They are like cat and dog, they just can’t stand each other

The sign of Gemini is the third in the order of Western astrology. This air sign is ruled by Mercury and has a large open mind, making it one of the more modern signs of the zodiac. This sign is able to communicate flawlessly, thanks to its charisma and its remarkable command of the language. The sign of Gemini uses a very sophisticated but easy to understand language.

The jobs best suited to the sign of Gemini are always linked to his ability to communicate. Politicians, journalists and advertisers often belong to this sign. The Sun transits in the sign of Gemini between May 21 and June 21. The sign of Gemini does not get along particularly well with at least three signs of the zodiac and that is precisely what we want to discover today.

Here are the three zodiac signs that don’t get along with Gemini .

The zodiac signs that don’t get along with Gemini

Pisces : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Pisces. This sign does not get along with everyone , it is definitely not compatible with Gemini. The sign of Pisces is very committed to everything he does and cannot stand the lightness of Gemini, which he often confuses with a superficiality that, on the contrary, rarely belongs to Gemini. These two signs are fighting all the time.

Taurus : The second sign that doesn’t get along with Gemini is that of Taurus. This sign also does not get along with everyone and is very stubborn, just like the sign of Gemini. When two hard-headed people meet, it is unlikely that anything good will be born. And in fact these two signs reject each other and do nothing but fight, especially when they are forced to work together.

Cancer : the zodiac sign that most of all does not tolerate Gemini is that of Cancer. This primacy is well deserved because Cancer is very focused on themselves rather than on the outside world. The sign of Gemini cannot bear this way of life, does not share it and does not tolerate it. Between these two signs there can never be any kind of collaboration, they will never get along.


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